Icee Saga
Part Three

"The real reason I'm here is to collect the last Dragon Crystal."

"Dragon Crystal?" Goku said. "What's that?"

"Well, since I'm going to destroy you, I'll tell you." Icee said. "If you collect all seven Dragon Crystals, which are scattered all over the universe, then you can unlock the gateway of time. Once I do, I'll go back in time to when the dragonballs were last used, and I'll wish for eternal life. At this moment, my men are searching for the location of it. Now, say good bye!"

She raised her hand to blast him away when, "Mistress Icee!"

"Huh?" Icee said. "What is it?"

"We have located the final crystal!" the voice from her scouter said.

"Beam me up." Icee told him.

A green beam came down from the sky, covering Icee. Tien leaped at Icee and grabbed her tail. Flash! They were gone.

"We have to help Tien!" Goku cried.

"Who cares about him? We have to find the crystal before they do!" Vegeta said.

Up in Icee's ship, Tien was being led around with five Ginyu's holding onto him.

"Here are the Dragon Crystals." Icee told him. "You know, it was stupid of you to grab me. Now you'll be the first to die. Take him to the destruction room."

"I don't think so!" Tien said. He punched two of the Ginyus in the stomach. He kicked another in the head. He blasted a hole in another one. He blasted another Ginyu into Icee. Then Tien grabbed the nearest Crystal. He shoved it into his pocket.

"No!" Icee shouted. She shot a blue beam at Tien, but he dodged it. It hit the wall and it was blasted open. Tien was sucked out. he was being pulled helplessly into the atmosphere by Earth's gravity!