"If Only"= Part Three: 'Carnabuckle'

After about what it had seemed to be forever falling, Tien and Kirie finnally landed. "Popou fruit!? What is this doing down here?!" Kirie picked up one of the yellow star shaped fruits. Tien picked up one and sniffed it. " Hm, smells good to me." Tien was about to eat some when he felt kinda droozy...or drunk. " Uhhh, Tien?....Are you okay?" Kirie looked at him in an odd way. "Zzzzzzz" Tien had fallen asleep. Kirie looked at him and then the popou fruit, she sniffed it and felt drunk too, she fell back and went to sleep. "Ehehehehehehehehe......." A large yellow blubbery, fat blob floated out of the darkness. It made its way over to Kirie and Tien. It hovered over Kirie over to Tien and stopped. "....*sweatmark*....." It looked down and screamed, " A WHITE HORN AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The blob started slooowly hovering away. " What....?...." Kirie woke up to find a huge blob floating above her. She got one of those really scared freaked out looks on her face, " m-m-m-m-m-m...MONSTER AAAAAHHHHH!!!!" Kirie screamed, she got up and ran. The blob looked at her. It formed into a shape, it had huge red lips and spikes all over its body, it was still yellow and round. Little bitty legs formed and then tiny little arms. Its eyes were small black dots. It had on a hawiian t-shirt. "D-DONT SCARE ME LIKE THAT!!!" Kirie screamed at it. "I-im sorry Kirie, I didnt mean too." The blob floated over to her, " Is that really a Guardian Summoner?" The blob looked down at her. " Yes it is. Its the one we've been looking for. Oh, and thanks for putting that sleeping gas on the popou fruit, it'll make it eisier to get his horn that way." Kirie smirked. Kirie walked over to Tien and poked him. "He's out cold....ARE YOU SURE YOU DIDNT KILL HIM!?" Kirie looked at the blob angrilly. "...uuhhh I only put eanough sleeping gas on those to kill a Cenatuar *sweatmark*!!!!!" The Blob looked down at Kirie. She looked up at it, " If Shifter were here...he would have surely tooken your soul by now...you do know the horn is dead if the summoner is..dont you?! dont you Gordo?!" Kirie screamed at the blob. " Yes I do.....Im sorry...I didnt mean to kill it..." Gordo sighed and turned into the the big blubbery blob he was before. He floated over to Tien and floated under him, picking him up and floating to a blue light flickering in the darkness. "We still have a chance Kirie. Shifter wouldnt kill us if we had at least...tried would he?" Gordo waited for a reply. " Gordo...I cant...I mean we cant. We cant do this! What have the Guardians done to him!? And what does he mean he'll save our world?!" Kirie walked up to Gordo. " Well...I dunno. The Guardians are a threat to him and he wants them all dead. And if we bring all the Guardian summoners horns to him then he can save our world from the darkness..." Gordo answerd back nearing the blue light. " No Gordo..I dont trust Shifter. I think he's trying to fuse the worlds. You do know the prophocy dont you?" Kirie looked up at the blob. Gordo stopped and turned back around and floated lower, " Kirie...everyone knows that prophocy......I dont trust Shifter either! Come on lets go back to our world." Gordo said. Kirie jumped on him beside Tien and Gordo floated upwards really fast.

Tien awoken in a small room. He looked around and then saw Kirie and the blob. " Kirie? Where am I?!" Tien asked confused. " Well your at my house silly!" Kirie opened a door behind her and went into another room. " Oh! My name is Gordo." Gordo changed back into his solid form. Tien was confused by this. " Oh Im a Blob. Electric type." Gordo laughed at Tien's confused look. " Well uhh my name is Tien. I guess im a summoner.." Tien said, he looked around the room. It had a wooden floor with a small mirror hung on the wall, then some droors, and a small picture ontop of a table placed in a corner. The wallpaper was blue with pictures of fish painted on it. "What room is this?" Tien asked. " Well this is just the 'whatever room' as Kirie calls it." Gordo walked out of the room. Tien followed. They came out into a hallway, it wasnt to big nor to small. It had pictures of people hung on the walls. The wall was painted an Ivy green color with borders of vines across the top. Small tables with pictures and such were spread out in the hall. " So this is Kirie's house huh?" Tien looked back at Gordo who was looking at a picture. He didnt answer. So, Tien walked over to Gordo and looked at the picture. It had a baby and a man and a woman that looked almost exactlly like Kirie. " Her parents were killed when she was a baby. I ended up raising her. Im not sure what happend to your parents, but all I know is that you four people dissapeard one day." Gordo told Tien. "....Thats....terrible. How...how do you know about my family. Could you tell me about them?" Tien asked, he started getting teary. " All I know...is that your mom told me. To give you this." Gordo handed Tien a small crystal. Tien just looked at it and smiled. Gordo handed him a pouch, " Put all the emeralds, rubys, diamonds anything like that in here." Gordo smiled and walked out of the hallway into what seemed to be the kitchen. Tien walked into the same room and found it to be the kitchen. No one was in there, so, Tien just went outside. He saw three other summoners talking with Kirie and Gordo. Tien felt something breathing behind him. He turned around and saw a huge thing. It looked half man half Iguana. It looked like Godzilla exept for it had an Iguana head and it was a dark green color, it was twice as tall as Picollo. " H-hi, my name is Tien..Its nice to meet you." Tien said in a nervous voice. "Ghimari is my name. Its nice to finnally meet you Guardian. I suggest we go get your sister and collect the summons." Ghimari walked over to the group that was talking to Kirie and Gordo. ".........sister?" Tien walked over to the group. "Oh another Guardian! Its an honor." a woman said to Tien, she smiled. She had long purple hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a sky blue wind jacket with a white shirt under it, she had on sky blue wind pants to match. Her horn was gray. "My name is Flo, and you are?" Flo waited for Tien to answer. " Oh uh um uh My name is uh Tien." Tien said as quick as he could. " Flo is a grand summoner. She's one of the best one's there is!" Kirie said, as she pondered around. " Well I'm ready to go." Ghimari said, he had an impatient tone. "Ghimari be patinet look we'll go as soon as Tien has met everyone!" Flo kinda giggled. Ghimari rolled his eyes and started watching Kirie jump on and off the roof. A boy about Kirie's age *wich is 16* walked up to Tien, " Hiya there! The names Sora!" He had hair that spiked up in every direction sorta like Goku's but not as bad. He had brown hair and blue eyes. The boy was wearing just a plain black t-shirt with some blue jeans. He had a light purple horn. " Im a mystic summoner like Kirie. But I dont have as many summons as she does." Sora said. " Yeah and that makes me the better summoner!" Kirie bragged on as Sora fussed at her. Tien sighed and walked up ontop of a hill. "Those two get in the biggest fights. Well, how have you been?" Flo asked looking up at Tien with those gentle brown eyes. " Ive been fine and you?" Tien looked down at her, she just looked into the sunset and sighed. " Besides trying to save our world Ive been okay. Ya know, your lucky Ghimari didnt try to kill you back there." Flo said, she sat down and kept looking into the sunset, like part of her life was there or something. Tien sat down by her. " Why would he want to kill me?" Tien asked. " Well, Ghimari has had a bad reputation. He kills anything thats scared of him or fears death." Flo got up and walked over to the others. " We might as well be heading out." Gordo said, he was ready to go. " Yes please!" Ghimari said in a frustraited tone. "I never did introduce myself!" A young man walked out of Kirie's house. He had short red hair that was kindy spiky, he had blue eyes and was kinda well built, about like Gohan when he's a teen, he was about as tall as Goku. He had a tan skin complextion. "My name is Rikuo. Its nice to meet you, and what is your name?" Rikuo waited for an answer. " My name is Tien." Tien answerd. Rikuo and Tien shook hands. "Now lets go." Rikuo said in an exited voice.

After about 8 hours of traveling, they made it to a huge tree. It was humungous, bigger than the tree of life. It's leaves glistened sun and waved in the wind. " What is this thing?" Tien asked in amazment. " Well first of all its a tree, second of all its called the Great Ifa Tree." Flo answered, she made her place by Tien and looked up at him as he gazed at it. " You act like you've never seen a tree before!" Flo joked. " I have seen a tree...but not one quit so..so.." Tien couldnt finish. " Big? Gigantic? Humoungous?" Flo finished for him. " Heh yeah." Tien said. They started twoards a cliff that was kinda near the tree. "Now we need to get Carnabuckle from it so that we can get in there." Kirie glared at Tien. " Me?! Me get it?!" Tien said, he looked down at her. " Yes you! Your the Guardian not us!" Kirie pushed Tien over to the edge where he felt a barrier. " Carnabuckle created this barrier. We need to get Carnabuckle so we can get in!" Kirie backed off. " Just ask it nicely, then it should let you through." Flo said in a kind voice. " Uhh okay..*sweatmark*" Tien closed his eyes. ( * meens Telepathy or whatever X.x) * I ask of you great summon, Carnabuckle, to let us go through so that we may continue our journey.* Tien opened his eyes to see a Ruby in front of him. He picked it up and put it in his little baggy along with the Crystal. Everyone started clapping. Tien looked behind him and kinda smiled. " I think we should rest here. Its a nice place and anyway we need a break, Im tired." Rikuo said as he lied down on a big rock. " Thats a good *yawn* idea." Sora said lazily as he got out a little ball. " Whats that for?" Tien asked, he looked at the ball. " Well, you throw it where ever and whatever is in it pops out." Kirie answered.

" Kinda what you would call a Dino cap." Flo said, she was in front of Tien. She had reached in his pocket and gotten out a Dino Cap and read the directions. " You know what that is?!" Tien said in amazment. " Yes, I read what it said." She said. " You can read my language?" Tien looked at her in confusion. Flo just looked at him and started laughing.

"Whats so funny?!" Tien asked. " We've been talking your language the WHOLE time!!!" Flo said roaring with laughter, " You think that we couldnt read your language and beable to talk it! What a waste that would be!" Flo stopped laughing and everyone else did to. Tien was blushing so bad it looked like he had gotten sevear sunburn. "Oh well, lets go to bed! Its late already." Sora said from inside the cottage that had come out of the ball. Everyone crawled in and took thier beds. Then they all went to sleep.

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