the Tenshinhan Ichidou Interactive Game Version 4.0

Here's your chance to play as Tenshinhan to defeat Kuririn! Tenshinhan and Kuririn decided to finally settle who is stronger once and for all! This is version 4.0 of the game. I'm planning on making verions up to 5.0, when the game will be very hard and involve a lot of strategy. Until then, Enjoy v.4.0!

How to Play

It's pretty easy. You plays as Tenshinhan, and your oponent is Kuririn. Try to get as many of attacks in, before Kuririn unleashes his Super-Kienzan attack. You unlock new attacks after every successful hit. You may get lucky in this game also so don't always worry about using your newest attack. That's about it, everything else is pretty self-explanitory. Enjoy!

..:: PLAY ::..