Fan Art

Here you can find pics of Tenshinhan that me or a fellow Tenshinhan fan have drawn. Check them all out. Keep in mind that the drawings of mine (Brandon's) kind of suck because I drew them when I was 13-14 years old. I'll try to get some new drawings of mine up ASAP.

Image of Tenshinhan Artist
NEW Training Ashley Studioso
NEW Ten-san and Yamcha Ashley Studioso
NEW Tenshinhan Ashley Studioso
NEW Really Mad Ashley Studioso
NEW Ten-san and Choazu Ashley Studioso
NEW After Battle Ashley Studioso
NEW Big eyes Ashley Studioso
NEW Happy Ashley Studioso
NEW Focusing Ashley Studioso
Close-up David Tran
In the Mountains David Tran
(I Can't Describe This Pic) David Tran
Tenshinhan David Tran
Super Human Tenshinhan David Tran
Teenage Ten at School Gia-Chan
Tenshinhan Fighting Stance Ashley Studioso
Tenshinhan Close-up Ashley Studioso
Tenshinhan Crying Ashley Studioso
Tenshinhan & Chaozu Ashley Studioso
Red Ribbon Tenshinhan TienShinhanDBfan
Super Human Tenshinhan TienShinhanDBfan
Majin Tenshinhan TienShinhanDBfan
FANMANGA - Soul of Oblivion
- Part 1
- Part 2
- Part 3
- Part 4
- Part 5
Shi Nohikari
Tenshinhan Dan Sullivan
Tenshinhan in Style Caelan
Ten & Chaozu as Men In Black Caelan
Baby Tenshinhan Caelan
Da Black Tenshinhan Nathan King
Really Awesome GIF of Tenshinhan(Animated) Wazpy
General Green TienShinhanDBfan
Hand-Drawn Tenshinhan Power Up (Animated) Brandon
Tenshinhan Mad Omega Angel
Android Saga Tenshinhan TienShinhanDBfan
Tenshinhan TienShinhanDBfan
Tenshinhan Scared Brandon
Tenshinhan Pissed Brandon
Tenshinhan at the End of DBZ Brandon
Tenshinhan from DB Brandon
Tenshinhan Screaming Brandon
Ten Growin' Up In da Ghetto
- Close-Up #1
- Close-Up #2
Tenshinhan vs. Gokou Brandon
Ten In a Cool Outfit I Made Up Brandon
Different Tenshinhans (Kind of Weird) Brandon
Tenshinhan Standing & Smiling Brandon
Edited Pic of Guile Tien
Hand-drawn Tenshinhan energy blast (ANIMATED!!!)
- Full Size
- Medium Size (touched up in photoshop)
- Small Size
Super Human Tenshinhan Omega Angel
Chibi Ten Crying Tall
Chibi Ten Looking at a Butterfly Tall
Chibi Ten and Gokou Drawing Tall
Chibi Ten and Tsuru (funny) Tall
Kung Fu Style! Brandon
Yamcha and Tenshinhan Brandon
Tenshinhan Staring Brandon
Tenshinhan Looking up at You Brandon
Chinese Tenshinhan Brandon
Tenshinhan as a Kid Brandon
Tenshinhan as a Baby Brandon
Ten as Neo in the Matrix Omega Angel
Ten as Marilyn Monroe?! Omega Angel
Ten In Various States (Part 1) Omega Angel
Ten In Various States (Part 2) Omega Angel
Ten's Evil and Good Sides Omega Angel
Tenshinhan Flying Omega Angel
If Tenshinhan Was a Girl (funny) Omega Angel
If Tenshinhan Was Gay Brandon
Ten Doing a Shin-Kikoho Brandon
Ten Shooting a Dodonpa Brandon
Ten if He Was a "Ghetto-G" Brandon