The Tenshinhan Biography Section

Part 1: Introduction to Tenshinhan

Tenshinhan. What does that name mean to you? Probably not much. But it should since this name is the name of the coolest anime character ever. Though Tenshinhan is the most underrated, unappreciated character he still has a little place in all of our hearts, but we can't seem to find that place. That is why I am here. I am going to change your whole view of Dragonball-Z-GT. All you'll ever think about is Tenshinhan. You'll forget Gohan's name, Piccolo's name, Gokou's name, etc. The whole Dragonball story will become nothing, all because Tenshinhan is the only character you can think about. So I hope you enjoy my story of the great three-eyed man who changed my life (and is about to change yours), Tenshinhan.

Part 2: Tenshinhan's Background

Tenshinhan doesn't have a well described history but here is what I do know about him. Tenshinhan is an Earthling warrior. He is 6'1" and is 166 pounds. He is also really muscular. Tenshinhan has 3 eyes. He has two normal eyes, and then one stranger looking eye on the top of his head. It is kind of triangular but round off at the points. It is used for gaining light to do his Taiyoken attack. Ten is introduced to DB as a bad guy but eventually becomes the nice guy we know and love. Tenshinhan was trained by Tsurusennin. He abandons Tsurusennin after he finds out that he is using him for revenge against Kamesennin's (Muten Roshi) students (for a more comprehensive view on Ten in early DB go to the History section). Tenshinhan is good friends with Chaozu, and acts like a body guard to him. Tenshinhan is the strongest human of all time even though most think it is Kuririn (but they are all wrong so don't listen to them, Tenshinhan surely does more damage to his enemy's). He does not make many appearences in the DBZ movies but that doesn't mean he isn't strong or isn't a good man. Tenshinhan (called Tien in the american version) is the founder of the classic techniques such as the Taiyoken and his signature move the Kikoho. Tsurusennin actually invented those techniques, but Ten perfected and popularized them. His abilities include being able to fly (Bukujutsu), the Dodonpa, the Kamehameha, the Kiai, the Kikoho, the Mafuba, the Shinnoken, the Shiyoken, the Taiyoken, and the Zanzoken. He is a very skilled fighter but lacks the power that Gohan, Gokou, Vegeta, or Trunks has, because he is a human. Now hear why I am obsessed with him and why I am so convinced he is the best DB character of all time.

Part 3: Bio/Why the Heck is He so Great?

Well first off, you shouldn't even be asking this question but here are the reasons why Tenshinhan is the coolest, and the best. You all know that he is very brave and will do anything to help his friends (especially Chaozu). He would give his life for anyone. In DBZ he is ready to fight and trains for the battle with the Saiyans. He displays his bravery in the battle with Nappa when Chaozu dies and Tenshinhan gives up the rest of his energy to try to kill Nappa. And then he dies trying, but he actually put a dent in Nappa and was the first one to do so. Not even Piccolo did any damage. And that just shows the bravery he has. And for him to still want to train harder and harder even when he knows he can never meet equally with the power Gokou has, shows how ambitious he is. Like the other Z members (Kuririn, Yamcha, and Chaozu) that don't get their respect for the hard work they do, Tenshinhan keeps trying and never gives up, I mean never. After his death Ten goes to train with Kaiosama. There, Tenshinhan beats Jisu and Baata. Gohan, Kuririn, and Vegeta couldn't even come close to beating Rikum. Jisu and Baata are each stronger than Rikum. That shows you how strong Ten was in the Freeza Saga.

During the Android Saga, When he hears he is going to die during the battle with androids in the future he keeps a straight face and insists that he will train hard (and does). Ten is always there to help during the fight with the Androids.

He is always training and meditating while not doing battle. Just like when he trains with Kaio-sama for no apparent reason. I'm saying that if this guy was a saiyan his power level would be as high as Gokou's and he could also turn SSJ3. Tenshinhan also is a better fighter and is more skilled than any other Z member. You can tell this by the way he fights with Trunks in movie 9. Even though his power level is much lower he still forces Trunks to go Super Saiyan.

After the Androids are done, he is still always there during the Cell Saga never running away like any other human would do. He helps fight Cell! He also tries to hurt #17 and #18 in the Andriod Saga. Ten also helps #16 and #18 get away with his classic Kikoho. That Kikoho was against Cell in form 2! Ten held back Cell for about 3/4 of an episode! This clearly shows how much of a beast Ten is. That was the best part of the show by far for me. Remember when Ten fought against the Cell Juniors? He got some punches in and held his ground pretty well until near the end of the fight (but we won't talk about that). And during the Buu Saga he does his share by saving Dende's life by deflecting Buu's blast with his Kikoho. This was a great scene where Ten shows how much he's trained between the Cell and Buu Saga, while Kuririn quit fighting and didn't help against Buu.

I should have had this before DBZ but here's a little bit of info from DB... during Dragonball this guy was really powerful. Gokou had the same power level as Tenshinhan when Tenshinhan was first introduced. Tenshinhan was second best during the rest of Dragonball (excluding Piccolo Daimao).

Yes I know most of you still don't think Tenshinhan is that great but he is really a great guy. He has a pure heart just like Gokou and holds a really soft spot for Chaozu. How can you not like the guy. He doesn't need no transformation to seem cool, or wear a cool outfit to look snazy. All he needs is a good heart and bravery incomprehensible to your human minds to be the coolest Dragonball character and even the coolest anime character ever.

Part 4: Conclusion

Yamcha, Kuririn, and Choazu are others that are a lot like Tenshinhan who never give up even though they know they will never amount to what Gokou's power is. Though they are also special, Tenshinhan is somehow seperated from them to even a higher level and is the one who can change a person's whole perspective of life. As he did to me. And I hope you also gained something from him. And something from what I wrote. And once again Tenshinhan is the Best!