The Tenshinhan Techniques Section

Here are all of Tenshinhan's abilities, techniques, attacks or whatever you want to call them. I think this is all of them, but if you know of any other please email me!

Bukujutsu: The ability to fly with his Ki.

Dodonpa: A blast he shoots from one finger, which explodes upon impact. In Dragonball this is a powerful attack.

Haikyuken: Tenshinhan uses this technique by hitting his opponent around like a volley ball. This attack is also called the volley ball technique.

Hanegaeshi Kamehameha: Tenshinhan uses this technique to redirect a kamehameha back at the firer. He uses this against Yamcha.

Kamehameha: It is a Ki blast, which is charged up held behind him in cupped hands, then brought forward to release a large straight blast of energy.

Kiakeshi (Kiai): This technique is used simply by yelling really loud which disperses weaker Ki attacks.

Kikoha: This is your generic ki blast that all Z warriors know. There isn't anything special about it.

[Shin] Kikoho: (Tenshinhan's signature attack.) He puts his tips of his fingers and thumbs of both hands together, forming kind of an "O"ish triangle between his fingers and his thumbs. Then he concentrates energy into his hands and builds up the power. After that he shoots an extremely powerful Ki blast with his hands in the same position at his opponent. This attack is almost impossible to dodge, but takes almost all of your energy, and Ten could've died whenever he used it. Later on Tenshinhan develops this technique to become the Shin-Kikoho, which is even more powerful.

Konsegan: This attack is a ki blast shot from your eyes. Tenshinhan shoots it from his 3rd eye.

Machine Gun Tsuki: This technique is used by Tenshinhan by attacking his opponent quickly punching his opponent's weak points.

Mafuba: It is a swirling blast of energy shot at the intended demon. Once caught in the blast, the blast is directed into a jar, bottle, or other imprisonment container, then imprisoning the demon. But if the container is opened, whoever is trapped inside will be freed.

[Shin] Shinnoken: This technique is used to split Tenshinhan into four different parts. Each part of him created is not just an image like that created with the Zanzoken, but can fight and be attacked. The only problem with the Shinnoken move is that each person only has a quarter of the power and the speed than if there was only one. He later develops this into a Shin-Shinnoken that is more effective.

Shiyoken: Tenshinhan sprouts out an extra set of arms from the shoulders. This allows him to make more punches and hurt his opponent quicker and harder.

Taiyoken: Tenshinhan puts his hands in front of his face (palms facing toward his face), and yells "Taiyoken." It sends out an extremely bright light, that blinds his opponent for a while.

Telepathy: This is Tenshinhan's ability to communicate with his mind. He does this with Chaozu, so if one of them gets in trouble the other will know without saying one word aloud.

Zanzoken: Tenshinhan can move so fast he leaves an "after-image," while attacking from another standpoint.

(The Ability to Copy Attacks): Tenshinhan can copy other peoples techniques by using his 3rd eye to read and understand how do the attack somehow. This is how Tenshinhan can do attacks like the Kamehameha and Mafuba. This ability would come in hady a lot.