Andriod Saga Part II
Author: Brandon Ditto

Main Characters:

Imperfect Cell


Right after Tenshinhan defeats #17 and #18, and he hops in Bulma's plane and eats a sensu Bulma gave him.


Bulma flies Tenshinhan to Gingertown, where Cell is killing innocent people. They fly around trying to spot Cell. They see him in a TV station sucking the life out of people. Ten gets really angry and busts right out of the side of the plane. As Ten flies down to where Cell is, he hears Bulma cuss at him for busting through the side of the plane. But that's the least of Ten's worries right now. He has to defeat Cell!

He flies down to the tall building and enters through an open window. There, right across the room he sees Cell sucking on a fat man (*NOT LIKE THAT, YOU SICK PEOPLE!*). Tenshinhan is pissed off now! He shoots a few small ki blasts to the back of Cell, but when the smoke clears he sees Cell unharmed and acting as if nothing even happened. Cell turns around and tells Ten he'd be foolish to challenge him. That's not going to stop Tenshinhan though. Ten politely asks Cell, "Would you like to take this outside?"

Cell replies, "Sure, I'd like to try out my skills on a human that actually can fight, although you won't win. You seem strong, but not strong enough."

"We'll see about that," Tenshinhan says.

So they fly out side into the road where dead shriveled up bodies lay. Ten was anxious to fight the evil monster and shot an enormous blast at Cell's head, sending him into a building. Cell flies right back out and says, "You must really want to fight." So Cell unleashes thousands of punches and kicks upon Ten, but Ten seems to block them all. Tenshinhan flies backward and sends a dodonpa straight toward Cell. Cell dodges it. and charges toward Ten at a lightning fast speed. Cell attempts to suck Ten dry, but Ten dodges Cell's tail and chops it off with a simple kick. Cell goes to the ground in pain. Ten says, "Now you will suffer for every person you have killed!"

With that he flew up and came down with a powerful knee to Cell's back, crushing him against the concrete. Ten powers up a bit and punches Cell rapidly with extremely powerful blows. The blows send Cell's blood everywhere. While Ten is still sending huge punches upon Cell, Cell's body begins to become distorted from the punches. By this time Cell's body is basically like mashed potatoes and is dead. Tenshinhan stops and and flies into the air. He does a kikoho to dipose of the smashed up body.

Tenshinhan flies to Bulma's plane and gets inside. He wipes his bloody hands with a towl and tells Bulma to take him to Dr. Gero's lab to see if there are any other androids he needs to destroy.


Ten finds #16 and detroys him and the capsule he was in with a small blast. Tenshinhan destroys the whole lab and flies off with Bulma to tell the rest of the gang how he defeated the Androids amd Cell. The world is now safe thanks to Tenshinhan!