Chapter 4

It was dark out. Tenshinhan was doing crunches in a tree. He got down. He was panting heavily and sweating. Meanwhile, Ashley went to go look for him. Then she found him. She said, "Hey." Ten said "Hi." He looked all around her and her gorgeous face. "Wow," he said happily, "you're so beautiful tonight." Ashley blushed and said, "Thanks." Then she looked all around him. He was wearing green pants without his vest on. She looked at his muscles. His chest bulged and his arms were huge. "How did you get so big?" Ashley asked. "Oh, you like it?" Ten asked. "Yeah," Ashley smiled. She felt his strong chest and chiseled abs. Ten asked, "Do you want me to flex for you a little?" "Sure," Ashley said. Ten flexed his large biceps, chest and abs that shined in the moonlight sky. He was grunting a little while he was flexing some more. Ashley got that tingly feeling inside her again. She started panting a little. She had a strong feeling locked deep within her. As she looked at Ten flexing more as she looked closely at his muscles, she fainted. But Ten easily caught her. "Are you alright?" he asked. Ashley smiled and said in and emotional way, "Oh're so handsome and strong." Then she closed her eyes and kissed him on the chest. Ten was shocked. He put her down and felt his chest where she kissed him. She had kissed him on his heart. Ten looked at her. She smiled. But then Ten moved away from her and turned bright red. He looked away with two of his eyes closed and smiled. Ashley walked up to him and held on to his arm. She wanted him to walk with her. So he did. He sighed and took her to his favorite night spot. Somewhere in the forest, there was a huge lake that sparkled in the night. And there were beautiful Sakura (cherry blossoms) trees. Some of them were already on the ground. Tenshinhan got Ashley comfortable. He sat her down close to one of the tree so they could see the full moon and stars. It was a little cold out so Ten got Ashley a big warm blanket. The King did not know when she was going to be back so he let her spend time with Ten as long as she likes. Ten got under the covers with her. He sighed and looked at the moonlight sky.

Ashley laid her head close to his chest, listening to the beating of his heart. "Tenshinhan," she said, "Why do you love me? What do you love most about me?" Ten was confused. He didn't know what to say. Then he said, "I love you for who you are." Then he smiled. Ashley looked up at him. Her eyes glittered and said, "Me too." Ten smoothed her black silky hair. Ashley sighed. The string to her white flowing gown was coming off to her arm. Ten looked in shock. She had a deep feeling for him inside. Then she laid her body on his and her hands touched his. Ten said, "My heart is telling me something." "Huh?" she said. "My heart is telling me that I'll always stay with you forever. But now....I got the feeling that I want to...." he stopped. "I know what you're up to," Ashley smiled. Then she kissed him. Ten kissed her back. He sighed deeply. They had true deep feelings for each other. Nothing couldn't tear them apart. They made out all night and were asleep by the next morning.

Chapter 5

Ashley woke up. Tenshinhan was still asleep, and was snoring softly. Ashley giggled quietly and kissed him on the cheek. Ten opened three of his eyes. He sat up and stretched out his chest. "Hi," he said. And then he kissed her back. He stood up and asked, "Does your father know you were out all night?" "Oh my god! I forgot!" Ashley exclaimed, "I have to get back home." "Don't worry," Ten said, "Ill get you home." Then he picked her up. Ashley was amazed by his own strength. "You're so strong," she smiled. He smiled back and said, "Hang on!" Ten's feet left the ground. As he was going up in the sky, Ashley gasped with fear afraid that she might fall. "Don't be afraid," he said, "I got you. Just close your eyes if you have to." "You can fly?" she asked. Ten nodded. Then they both flew away back to the castle.

As they returned, the King was waiting for Ashley in his thrown. "You must be Tenshinhan," he said. "I'm sorry I kept your daughter out all night," Ten said. "It's alright," he said, as long as she's in no harm. Now tell me, do you have any idea of where you live?" "In the forest," Ten said, "I don't live in a village." "I see," the King said, "and you don't have any friends or family at all?" "No, your majesty," Ten said. "And you love my daughter that much?" the King asked. Ten looked in surprise. He put his head down. "Is it because I'm poor?" Ten asked with disbelief, "‘Cause if it is, I'll leave her alone." "Ten, don't," Ashley said sadly and hugged him. The King sighed and walked up to him. Ashley was still hugging Ten. The King said, "You look like a prince to me inside. And I can tell that you are very strong and have a big heart. It seems to me that you're also very sensitive around Ashley, yes?" Ten didn't say anything but sighed. He let go of Ashley. Then he said sadly, "I'm no prince. I'm just a peasant. I was born with no care at all and no love. Nobody loved me, people would tell me to go away. But now, the only person who ever cared about me is your beautiful daughter." "Yes," the King said, "she too is very sensitive. And emotional around everyone she knows." Ashley smiled at her father and hugged him. "So, can he stay?" she asked. The King nodded. Then Ashley said, "Oh thank you Daddy!" and hugged him again.

Chapter 6

The guards were there when Ashley hugged her father. "Since Tenshinhan is staying here," said the King, "he will be needing some nice clothes to wear." Ten looked down blushing. Ashley giggled. "My humble maids," the King said, "take this young fellow to the dressing room for some clothes to wear." So the maids took him as Ashley followed. The maids made Ten try variety of clothes. As Ashley watched, she looked at him. He was a little embarrassed to try the clothes on in front of the maid so he asked them if there was a private room in the dressing room to go change in. One of the maids pointed to where the bathroom was. He went in and locked the door. Ashley laughed that he didn't want the ladies to see him in his underpants. Then as soon as Tenshinhan got out, all the maids gasped. (He was in the outfit from the Majin Buu saga) Ashley looked at him. Her heart melted. He looked absolutely handsome in that outfit. "Wow...", Ashley said. Ten looked at her. He walked up to her and asked, "You like it?" "Yes," she said as she smiled, "It makes you look like a hero." The maids overheard what she had said and murmured to each other about Ten. "That man is such a cute fellow," one of them said. "Yeah," the other one said, "and his eyes are really gorgeous." They all sighed. Ashley turned around and saw the maids. She said, "Thank you so kindly for picking out the nicest clothes for Tenshinhan. Then they all bowed down to her and left.

"A hero huh?" Ten said. Ashley giggled and said, "Come on. I want to show you the rest of the kingdom." She had showed him everything. The ballroom, the garden, the spa room, etc. Then she took him to her room. She closed the door. Ten sat in a chair. And Ashley sat on her bed. "So," she said, "do you like my home so far?" "It's very lovely," he said, "But..." "But what?" she asked. Ten looked down. He said, "I don't deserve this." Ashley felt sad for him. She got closer to the end of her bed a lied down next to him. He sighed, got up and knelt down to her bed. He stroked her hair and said, "The only thing I really deserve is a true special someone like you. You're the first person who was ever kind to me throughout my whole life." Ashley was surprised. "Oh Ten," she said, "am I?" "Yes," he whispered. Then he started to kiss her gently below her lip. Ashley pulled on his arm to come up on her bed and relax. He slowly closed his eyes as Ashley closely laid down next to him. She pulled on his white cape and kissed him on his third eye closed. They both went to sleep.