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updated july 21 2001 ---> mechanical and seconds added

i like to speak my mind, especially about things i like. please read the 'about my rants' below ... it (tries) to explain why i'm not as obsessive as i may appear. as for fics, they take a lot longer for me to spit out, i'd also really appreciate feedback for them, i don't really care what kind ^.^ oh yes, if you would like to submit an essay, or fic, check out the f.a.q for more details.

about my rants/fics
please read before going any furthar- this is just an explanation as to my rants and why i tend to seem more pissed off than reality


the loss of me
in which i try to sort out where the x-files is headed and what happend

everyone's dirty little secret
in which i (try to) defend dippers

my green tongue
(or) why "existence" was an overall crappy episode

in which i try to explain why "existence" wasn't as good as hype dictated

we all love cop shoes ... right?
in which i try to defend agent doggett

abortion, capital punishment, and season eight
in which i try to defend season eight

anatomy of a phile
in which i try to explain the m.o. of an x-phile


you'll never get over me | .txt [ma]
a different ending to "existence"

life was easy when it was boring | .txt [df][da]
doggett reflects on the x-files during a jog

mechanical | .txt [da][v]
the buzz of the elevator, and the buzz of a man

seconds | .txt [da][v][155]
it all builds up to that one greeting...

angelic creation, namely light | .txt [df]
doggett notices something in his office ...

untitled I | .txt [df]
doggett learns of scully's pregnancy