updates? // 10.07.01

erm, my apologies for the lack of updating over the summer [etc] got kinda busy. anyway, nothing really new here, just got rid of the crap frame on the main page. oh ya, i went to stratford last week, so i might as well plug that here.

when i got back i was greeted with an empty inbox at hotmail ... @$$%*%^%#%$#$#@ ... ::ahem:: anyway, i remember getting a message from someone before i left about this site and how it doesn't load properly ... anyway, my profound apologies for not responding ... your message kinda got deleted when i was away ;_; so it should be fixed now, but if it isn't, please let me know. that goes for everyone too ... i know this place is full of bugs ^.^

06.23.01 // well ... this is my new and improved dark kingdom site [i hope it's pretty enough for you ^.-] aside from the obvious redesign everything is pretty much the same as it was before- as i basically cannibalized the old site. over the next little while i will be fixing up the links a little more, charcter shrines, fanart/image gallery, and pretty much everything in the topsy~turvy section ... till then, enjoy ^.^

you can contact me at ghost_inthe_threads@hotmail.com about anything.

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