Updated ~ February, 02nd 2002

Whoa, now that's one crazy date... 02.02.2002 *_* I wonder if it means something special?

Part 18 has now been posted. I know i said i'd do it yesterday, but i never found enough time to read it all over and tag it (etc) and i barely did this morning because i was so disctracted by the birth of this. I think i like Part 18 the best thus far. I really like the last scene (Zoisite interacting with -delete- is quite cute. The scene before where he argues with -delete- doesn't flow very nicely though. In the end it balances out i guess.) Don't know when the next update will be- maybe not even until March Break so enjoy ^.^

. 01.30.02 . Last update for January! I decided to be generous today in honor of my first day back to the whipping post (aka. school) and post the next two parts! They're both a little on the short side, but there's some character development, so i guess that's something. I've also finished the part right after (18) i just need to edit it- it's over 6 pages. Woohoo! A long one for you all. I'll likely post it on Friday- i'm really excited to, i think it's easily my favorite part of August Moon thus far. It's Zoisite centric and features his dysfunctional family *_* Some of my better writing i think.

. 01.25.02 . *Gasp* can it be??? An.... update? Yes! Yes it is! It's only one part, but it's better than nothing. I rather like it, so i guess that's something. Read part fifteen here. I'm going to try and write some more over the weekend (in between studying that is) so hopefully i'll have something to post again in a month ^.^

On another note, check this page out to see what's up with August Moon (and all my other pages for that matter.)

. 12.08.01 . Well, there's a new layout for staters- the old one can now be found in the miscellaneous section. I might as well wish August Moon a happy one-year anniversary! Technically, i think i originally posted parts in October (though i can't find any records of an exact date), but it didn't have it's own site till December 16th anyway so :P.

This isn't to get your hopes up- no new installments of the fic have been posted yet though, i have (i believe) the next two parts typed, i just have to edit and tag them is all. I'll try and get them up before X-mas, that'll be my present to you ^.^

This isn't to say that i've given up on August Moon, i'm just crazy busy with school, and to be truthful, i don't think i'll be any 'less busy' any time soon. It only get's worse from here, that's what i say. It looks like i'm going to be directing a play December to the start of February so ::waves:: bye-bye free time.

I do plan on editing this thing though- mostly the writing in the Arc I, as i was too lazy to really edit it before posting (yada, yada, yada.)

I did however add a One-Year Comment(ary) here and changed the title to chapter 7 because it still sucked.

. 08.21.01 .sorry ... nothing AM related, just wanted to let you know i got back from stratford ^.^ it was lots and lots of fun ... anyway, i've made a page of scans of trip photos in case you're interested. and don't worry ... i plan on updating here for real before halloween [of this year ^.^]

. 08.21.01 . say, i've been rather absent, eh?


anyway, life keeps getting in the way, don't you know. finally got a job- it was only for 3 weeks; basically, i got paid to sit and read. i don't think my co-workers liked me. one of them wasn't bad looking for an old dude. i don't think he know's my name.... and he's old anyway.

::deep breath:: so ya, after a 2 month hiatus i'm back, but not with a vengence (my apologies if this post gets lame/girlie {re. above} but i'm writing this rather late at night, and i don't think i'll proof read this before posting it tomorrow. makes it fun that way. hmm... maybe i should turn this into a blog?)

so yes, updates. this first part to the second arc is finally up. kunzite is kind of jerky in it agian, but i'll explain why eventually. this isn't character assassination or anything, i love the guy. 'sides, i only take cheap shots at friends ::grins evilly::

i also finished a stack of art in a span of 24 hours so there's that in the fanart section. there's both color pieces, and better looking character designs. i like those better personally, but that's just me. i eventually want to draw scenes to go with parts in the chapters. if you have a favorite scene you're just dying to see visually, mail me and i'll see what i can do ^.^

other than that, probably nothing till x-mas (ha ha ha) i'll gun for something before the end of august (nothing short of a miracle, but you never know) other than that, don't expect anything till september, maybe even october because i have an out-of-town field trip scheduled at the end of september. going to the stratford festival (no, not in england...) if i get any good photos from it, i'll post them ^.^

till then, adios.

post script : sign the guest book! right now i have it for ever 1000 people there's one signature... don't make me cry ;_; (though most people would have taken it down by now and just live in denial, but not me! ^_^;;;)

. 07.02.01 .my apologies over my abscence ... i had school projects, and exams and the sort, but i'm back now ^.^ sadly though, no fic to update. i've started the first part of the second arc, but i'm having a little writers block *looks around at the readers* someone must be hogging the muses again ... anyway, at that, i likely won't have anything posted till the end of july (hey, i'm being realistic here) aside from writers block, i've also been doing some art, redesigning a lot of my main web site and i've been out job hunting *makes face* i wish money grew on trees.

on a lighter, happier note, i've won an award! i acutally got it a while ago, i just never had any time to update it till now ^_^;;


i'd make an 'awards' page for stuff august moon has won, but i serisouly doubt i'll be getting more than this one ... but of course, if any of you wish to prove me wrong *hint*hint*

i've also added lyrics to the image songs in the miscellaneous section ... maybe sometime i'll be able to get up some mp3's for them- at least for 'the fly' as i consider that to be the theme to august moon ^.^

and people, sign the guest book already- it's not hard, you click on the link that say "sign", here i'll even add the freaking link ---> sign ... don't make me threaten to stop writings august moon ^.^

. 05.19.01 . after the long wait, this place has finally been updated (and there was much rejoicing) also, for those of you who are un-observant the look of this place has changed a lot ^.^ i hope you all like it- i do (i'd be worried if i didn't) if you have any comments, please let me know. either by e-mail or by that link on the main page ... i cna't remember what it says ^_^;;

anyway, *drumroll* the first arc of august moon is now done! the last three parts are up! they're not that greatest, and nephrite is a little out of character in the second last part, but ah well. i think i'm not going to polish off the parts for a while yet (let's face it, i'm too lazy) but i did move former part 5 to the prologue, and i retitled the part formerly called "nephrite" (you will learn why in the second arc...) speaking of which ... i'm not sure when i'm going to start it. i may have to wait till after exams, which means no major stuff till july ;_; i will be adding some art, so that's something.

oh yes, the image on the main page is of daun, though her hair looks shorter there than it actually is ^_^;; and you see the cool "sun" the boder is made out of (as is everything else on this darn page ^_^;;) is off the cover of the "invisible sun" single LP by the poilce. so as you can see, i'm not creative enough to think up something cool like that ^_^;;

oh ya- if you like celtic music (or feel like reminiscing about "circles") go see leahy (lay-hee) if they ever come near you ... i saw them at the tulip festival, and they were AMAZING (also saw treble charger too ... hee hee)


. 05.13.01 . a happy mothers day to all of you (well, at least the one's who have children ... O_o) uh, ya, anyway, gotta guestbook up ... please take pity on me and sign it ^.^

. 05.05.01 . ummm ... ya, nothing to update yet ^.^ just letting you know that i haven't died, just been busy with school work is all ;_; still am, but i don't like neglecting my web pages. 'sides this is always a great place to plug stuff ... anyway, so if you're looking for a fantastically amazing book to read, get hannibal by thomas harris ^.^;; (you know, hannibal lecter) - no, trust me, it's great (i can see that look on your face *_*) it's the best book i think i've ever read! (and i've read a fair bit) i've read red dragon too (this first in the series) ... and it's good, but this is better ^.^ the characterization, development, description and general structure of the book is brilliant. i'm sure there are probably are better books, but this'll always be a favorite ^.- the ending was incredible- i was thinking about that when i was reading it, but i didn't think it could be done in a believable way ... was i ever wrong >_< anyway, go run out and buy it (heck, buy them all, you'll appreciate the last even better)

... uh, ya, since you all probably think i'm strange for enjoying that book, i'll stop now (but i won't stop liking it ^.^) if you feel like reading a longer rant about it, just go read the updates on my main page ... oh yes, updates ^.^ i should have the next part up soon, it's half done now, so probably by next week ... i'll talk some more about what's in store for this place then ^.^

. 03.12.00 . another semi-pointless update ... did some really crappy character designes (hell, they don't even look like proper characrer designs!) last night when i was watching the lone gunmen (oh shut up, i can hear you laughing... >__<) anyway, they're in the fanart section in the bottom frame. like i said, they all rather suck, the one of zoisite has potential and i like the one of daun, but that's about it. adieu.

. 03.10.00 . no, no... nothing good... just changed the gratuitious self-insertion page >__< i talk way to much about myself, thought i'd just add two pictures instead. they say all that needs to be said (well, sort of...)

. 03.02.00 . ah, finished exams, started my new coursed and then some ... they're all really iritating, but what else is new? whatever, i'll stop talking and get to the real reason all you people are here ... updates ... *sobs* nobody cares about me as long as their precious fic has been updated ^_^;; (meh, whatever, that's the way the world works anyway ...)

i've also decided to 'edit' the first arc after it's finished. i was skimming it over the other day and i really didn't like what i saw >__< well, the plot is decent, but some things lack description and proper grammar.... and aside from that, i'm getting a little sick of the page design >__< no worries, i'm still going to keep the title graphic, just change the font properties and maybe some of the other images. also have something in the planning stages for the non-activated 'adopt!' link in the bottom frame (and it's not entirely what you're expecting)

uhh.... ya.... back to updates - added parts 10 and 11 to the story index. 3 more to go and i'll be done the first arc. i wanted to have some art to post as well, but with co-op i have little time for such luxuries ;_; also added two new questions to the FAQ, weren't submitted by anyone (because you people suck) but i figured they were all going through your head (the wildflowers one especially ^_^). oh, and in my usual moment of "me, me, me" i did the "about the author" page - it just has a bunch of stupid questions on it that make me look rude/insane/pessismistic but hey, it's got a picture! (and yes, that acutually *is* me) best pair of glasses i ever owned >__<

oh and for the sake of those who are easily impressed by crappy synchonicities (well, not really, but i've always wanted to use that word ^.^;;;) notice the date- 03.02.01 ...

. 02.15.00 . ah ... sorry, don't get your hopes up, nothing updated, just letting you know that i'm not dead or anything ^.^;; have exams next week so i won't be able to update for a while. realistically, there probably won't be anything new until mid to end of february. i don't have anything written yet so it will take a while to write the next part. i'm also thinking that i may just post individual parts, instead of two at a time (unless they're really short ^.^) and don't worry, the last part of the first arc will present an interesting plot twist with one of the characters ... this this story will pick up, i swear ^.^

. 12.31.00 . don't get your hopes up - there isn't more story this time. i just changed the banners in the links section because i didn't like them and wanted something neater/ more stylish ^.^ have a safe new years everyone ^_-

. 12.27.00 . ah, boxing day, how i loathe thee. well, i guess i don't actually loathe the day, but if there is a day to hate during the holidays, i guess yesterday would be that ^.^ um ya... well i trust everyone had an enjoyable christmas, well i did ~.~ also went to see dracula 2000 with my brother (as he decided to actually visit the family for once ^_^;;) on christmas eve. what better way to celibrate the birth of christ by seeing a film about a bunch of vampires? (uh, i was being sarcastic by the way *bites lip* still know i'm going to catch hell for that comment anyway ^_^;;;; sorry!) well, before i offend anyone else, i'll just go straight to the updates- finally added parts 8 and 9, and no, it's not just the "name" addition, an actual, real, live link! i doubt there will be anything more before new years, so i wish you all a very happy new year. hopefully i'll be able to "turbo" write a few more chapters before the end of the break ^.^

. 12.16.00 . ah... this is ver, 2.0 of the part of my site dedicated to my soon to be ridiculously long dark kingdom fic, august moon. anyway, for updates this time around i've added parts 8 and 9 to the story index page. i'll actually add the story parts in a few days ... still have to finish writing them >.<