Other People's Reasons for being Taito Followers

Please send me your arguments! I want to hear your opinions!

From: Dixie

I love Taito because it's romantic. Here are these kids that are stuck in a totally different world, and all they have is each other, so naturally, they are going to grow up together and develop strong feelings for each other, and it turns into more, in some cases. Take Tai and Matt, they're total opposites (and opposites attract, right?), but so are Heero and Duo, and they're in love (everyone seema to have accepted it), so why can't Matt and Tai love each other? Sure, they're young, but we're thinking outside the lines of the TV show. I think everyone should have the right to experience love, it's their choice whether it's with a man or a woman. For those of you who are religous freaks, look at it this way, it's between them and God, and none of your business. For those of you who want Tai and Sora to be together, you're entitled to your opinion, but don't flame the web author, it's really damn annoying.

From: Arm and Leg

Arm: All right, me and my friend are going to tell you why we both love Taito.

Leg: Reason #1: Matt and Tai look good together. They balance each other out with their differences.

Arm: Most people say that because they're both guys, it ain't gonna happen. Well, guess what, If Amara and Michelle from Salior Moon can be a couple, and they're both girls, Matt and Tai can be a couple too. And you know what, Matt and Tai *are* a couple in Japan.

Leg: Don't say we're just saying that because we have a friend who is part Chinese and Japanese, and he's seen uncut versions of Digimon, and he has personally told us that Matt and Tai are a couple.

Arm: Another reason why we believe in Taito because Matt and Tai are opposits, HELLO, ever hear of the saying: Opposits attract?

Leg: We also like the couple because if they were from America, they'd have to face the tortures of going out by their peers, it proves how much they care about each other. Making the couple altra sweet to us who don't frown upon guys gong out with guys.

Arm: This concludes our reasonings, we may come up with more later. Ja ne!

From: Taichi Ishida

Number one: Opposites attract!! Matt and Tai have completely different personalities and it showed in season one from all the fighting the two guys did. Season two however we see that they have become very good friends and can have an agreement on the same topic.

Number two: Matt!!! He is so sexy how could you resist him!

Number three: They look cute together as a couple. You've seen the pictures of the two...they are so adorably kawaii.

Number four: Mimato and Taiora are so dull and boring. One couple has one person that is too cool to be seen hanging around with a pink haired girl (don't get me wrong I'm a mimi fan) and the other couple as a dull and boring girl (umm...sorry sora fans).

From: Carbo

Before I ever even knew about this whole Taito business, I remember watching the scene when Tai & Matt have a terrible fight, and in one point roll down a hill.

Seeing them yell at each other I instantly thought there was something there, something strong to make thme go at each other like that. Even a blind man could've seen it, but as stuck as I was (and still am) to F/M couples I didn't think much about my observation and forgot about it.

But when I found my way to this site, all the pieces klicked into they're places. There's no denying it, there is some definite chemistry between these two wonderful characters and their personalities, and damn, they just look so good together. And let's face it, this is probably the only pairing in Digimon that is actually interesting

So there!


Even though I'm okay with shonen ai.... or rather just getting used to it, I can say why many people like Taito... and I mean MANY. Even though I support Taiora, the series have them (Yama and Taichi) constantly paired up together. Now that doesn't mean that Taito is true, cause Yama marries Sora at the end of the 2nd series, but since they seem to like... *cough* wrestling, ><;; so the scenes seem to imply... a lot. ^^;;

And Mimato is nowhere all you fanatics out there! Yama doesn't even bother with Mimi. Mimi is rather fond of either Jyou or Kou. ^^;;

From: Katie

Hey I know you've prbably gotten hundreds of these, but here goes... I love Taito because they look so good together, I know they faught a lot in season 01, (but hey, most of the time they were rolling around together, ending with tai straddeling matt any way,) as the other's said, opposites attract! Another reason is the only girl on the show who I remotely like is Kari, with Tai that would be incest, with Matt... he's to old for her. Mimi is a ditz (sorry Mimi fans) and sorry to say this but Sora is a major b*tch! would you believe Matt and Sora get married at the end of season 02? ( I suspect he got drunk and Sora dragged him to the japanese version of Vegas before he realised it wasn't Tai) If you don't believe me, C'est Moi check out the pic at my homepage, That's a screenshot fron the finale of 02, (barf) but even though Matt had kids with Sora he's still standing closer to Tai, there's hope after all! MATT AND TAI WERE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER!!. OK I'll stop ranting now

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