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August 7, 2011

Well guys, I know it has been forever since there was an update on here. A lot has happend in the past eight years but, I am back with vengance! Lots of new updates will be happening here soon. Two of my warlord sisters will be helping with the changes! More things will be added and Shadow the Hedgehog will be making as appearace as well as vampires! Anywho I can't tell you anything else as my sisters are getting annoyed. They don't want me to spoil things for you. Ja Ne!

July 9, 2002

Oh so were back! From outer space! You walked in here to us with those looks upon our face!

Anubis: Sakura!

Heh, sorry 'bout that. The links page is FINALLY back up, and Dais and me are back on speaking terms now. As you probably already know, the images in the main page have been changed.

Kale: Sucker.

Oh shut up. After loosing a bet with Kale, I was forced to change them . . . now you can stare at his ugly mug everytime your enter the sight.

Kale: Hey!

Don't worry, they should be changed by next update.

Anubis: Which, knowing Sakura, should be in about 6 months.

Ouch 'Nubis! Right through heart!

January 16, 2001

Hello! Did everyone have a happy holidays?

Ryo-oki: Mreow!

I hope you all did. I fixed up the Humor page and added images to the FAQ. And, as you probably noticed, I sut down the Links page. This was because I have been having trouble with the code. It should be opened by the next update.

November 29, 2001

Dais: I am NOT speaking to you.

What? What did I do?

Dais: You KNOW what you did.

Wait, your not upset about . . .

Dais: I said I'm not speaking to you!

But it's a nice fic, really! I didn't mean to . . .

Dais: Yeah right! ~leaves very indignantly~

~sigh~ Dais is just upset about the fanfic I just posted in the library. He doesn't like it.

Anubis: He's acting like me!

Great. Now with Dais not talking to me, who am going to follow around? ~looks at Anubis and grins wickedly~ Ooooh Anuuuubis!

Anubis: Oh no you don't! ~makes a cross with his fingers~ Back demon!

Aaaw, come on. ~strolls nonchalantly toward him~

Anubis: Stay back! I'm warning you! Don't make me . . . EEEK!!! DON'T TOUCH THERE!!!

Kale: ~snicker~ Looks like Anubis has his hands full!

November 8, 2001

Yes, it is I! After a long hard summer . . .

Kale: Hard summer? You sat on your butt all summer!

~evil glare in Kale's general direction~ And a long recover from all the Halloween candy, I have finally updated! ~flash of lightning in background~

Kale: ~secretly to Anubis~ How does she DO that?

Anubis: ~shrug~

I've updated the links page and added a few pics to the Dais gallery.

Anubis: That's all?

That's all.

Anubis:You don't update for six months and that's all?

~evil grin~ Well, I could add a shrine for YOU.

Anubis: That's quite alright.

I could call it 'Steamy, A Shrine to Hot, Sexy Anubis'

Anubis: ~walks away blushing while Kale bursts out laughing in the background~

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