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Asked Questions

Hello! This is Sakura-chan, Dark Warlord of Cheese, Bricks, and other throw-able objects!

Sekhmet: ~looks confused~ I thought you were the Dark Warlord of Insanity and Multi-grain bars.

~frowns~ That's enough out of you, Snake Boy. Anywho, welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions. Unlike most pages on this site, it has a purpose. You see, people are always e-mailing me and asking me the same questions over and over again! So to to save them and me time, I put their questions all together on this one page! Ain't I smart?!

Anubis: ~whispers to side so Sakura can't here him~ She hasn't gotten any e-mail in a year. ~shakes head~ It's sad, really.

Hey! Anubis! What are you saying over there?!

Anubis: Um, nothing! Heh heh!

Good. Anywho, here they are!

Question: What is the nature of the universe?
Answer: Oooohhh, you seek wisdom. Well, I had to send this letter to NASA, but here it is! ~pulls out envelope and opens it~ And the answer is... ~drumroll, reads letter~ Two! ~stares at letter~ Hhhhmmmmm, I would have thought 34, but . . . ~shrugs~ Oh well. Next question!

Question: Does the insanity ever stop?
Answer: Well, I'm proud to say that no, that insanity doesn't stop! It may pause ever now and again, but it keeps on chugging along. ~marches around making train sounds~ CHU CHU!

Question: I saw the Warlords on some one else's page. How can they be here and on those sites at the same time?
Answer: Ever heard of cloning?

Anubis: What!!! ~looks alarmed~ I'm the original, of course! ~thinks~ At least . . . I think I am! Help!

Kale: Woah! This is totally like that new Arnold Swatzinater movie!

Dais: ~raises eyebrow~ Swatzinater?

Kale: Whatever his name is!

Question: What does this button do?
Answer: ~whispers to the side so Warlords can't hear~ Oh, that's the button that makes the telephone ring. ~points to others~ This makes one makes random lights in the den go out, this one flushes the toilet, and this one ring's the door bell! You can imagine all the fun I have with these babies!

Kale: Hey! Sakura-chan pulled an Anubis!

Anubis: An Anubis?! Actually, I think I like the sound of that . . .

Question: Where's the bathroom?
Answer: If you don't know, you can't use my computer!

Kale: That was very, very corny, Sakura-chan.

~hits Kale over the head with a frying pan~

Dais: HA HA!

Kale: Oh shaddup . . . ow . . .

Question: Does chewing gum loose it's flavor on the bedpost over night?
Answer: Hhhhmmm . . . why don't we try it out and see? ~walks over to bed and points and peels off chewing gum, pops it in mouth and chews thoughtfully for a few moments~ Nope! I'm proud to say that chewing gum does not loose it's flavor on the bedpost over night! Now, bed mantels are a different story . . . ~chews happily on gum~

Sekhmet: Eeeeewww, dat's gross!

You do the same thing!

Sekhmet: ~looks insulted~ I do not! I'll have you know I only eat gum off the bottom of chairs, so there! ~sticks out tongue~

Well, that's pretty much it! I hope I've answered all of your questions, bye!

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