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Dais Bio

Name : Dais; last name unknown
Title : Dark Warlord of Illusion
Nicknames : Spider man, Pirate guy
Hair : Shoulder length; white and wavy
Eyes : Crystal blue; one eye missing/covered by eyepatch
Birth date : September 19
Astrological Sign : Virgo
Blood Type : B
Armor : Armor of Spider
Attribute : Serenity
Attack : Web of Deception

The Man

Dais is the Dark Warlord of Illusion, and his attribute is serenity. It seems like we don't hear much from Dais, he is probably the quietest and most subtle of the Warlords. He does not appear to be rather spontaneous, but likes more to wait and think over the problems before actively solving them.

Dais is the strategic mind of the Warlords. While Anubis can think of a battle plan in exactly 10.2 seconds (I timed!), Dais will sit around and plan for a week ~anime sweat drop~. If not a little slow, Dais's plans tend to be pretty good, and often times he can dispose of his enemy with hardly a fight.

Dais has shown the inability to react quickly in situations where his schemes don't exactly work out. So even through his plans are good, he tends to be defeated rather easily when they fall apart. Well, everyone has weaknesses! Dais tries not to get to upset about defeats. He did freak out once though . . . I thought it was hilarious when he started yelling "My plan! But Dais for the most part seems to keep his cool.

Dais has long, white, slightly wavy hair which is only bested by Anubis's perfect auburn locks (At least in my opinion). He also has the so very famous eye patch. It is unknown if it is because his eye is missing, or if his eye if fine and he wishes to wear it for some particular reason. Maybe he just wanted to look like a pirate . . . he he. Dais's eyes, er eye, is crystal blue.

The Power

As holder of the Armor of Spider, Dais has many spider related abilities. He can, for instance, hang upside down. He does this many times in the series. Also, his armor can create thick strand of spider webbing . . . it seems almost of hobby of his to make huge spider webs.

As the Warlord of Illusion, Dais has illusionary powers. He can change what people see and make them hallucinate. The illusion can either be very small or very large. He can blend himself into the background, for instance, or he can create an entire imaginary world.

Dais has three weapons at his disposal. On his back, as the main weapon, he has six extensor blades. On his wrists he has a pair of nun-chucks (I think that's how you spell it) and also a mace, or more approximately a Morning Star. Dais uses all of theses in moderation, not focusing on any one weapon. This gives Dais a bit of an advantage.

The extensor blades have the ability to, ya know, extend ~anime sweat drop~. Dais can also spin it at the base, or create the illusion that they are ripping through reality. Dais is very skilled in handling his morning star and nun-chucks. He often uses his nun-chucks to barrage his enemies with close in attacks. He handles it so quickly that most opponents cannot avoid them.

The Story
Spoiler Alert!

In the series, we first meet Dais with, of course, the other Warlords on the first episode on the first episode. Dais was in the throne room when Anubis asked to be assigned to defeat the Ronin Warriors, and told him that they were more powerful then they seemed. This, of course, was ignored.

It was a while into the series before Dais took the initiative to fight the Ronin warriors. He first Ryo and Cye, during pretty well against them, but this may just have been because they were only in sub-armor. Dais then told them he had Rowen captive and vanished.

When Ryo and Cye arrived there, they found what was supposedly Rowen wrapped up and surrounded by Dynasty soldiers. After Cye and Ryo had defeated all of them, Rowen was revealed to really be Dais. Ryo and Cye armored up, but Dais just disappeared. He then casted an illusion of himself on Ryo and Cye, making them think each other was Dais. After they had toasted each with their sure kills, the illusion dropped, and they discovered the truth before fainting.

Sage, Kento, and Mia arrived on the scene soon after. They were puzzled to find their friends beat up and unconscious, but before they could do much, Dais attacked. He tried using the same trick he had on Ryo and Cye, but unfortunately, Sage was able to see past the illusion and knew that it was Kento. Sage let himself be defeated by Kento, and when the illusion dropped, Kento discovered it was only a trick. He then proceeded to wipe out Dais with his Iron Rock Crusher. Poor Dais, he was so close to!

Dais gets his next chance to fight the Ronins a few episodes later. The Ronins are trying to find a way into the Dynasty, but can't because the gates are closed. So, Dais gets a bright idea to open the gates. While this seemed like a really dumb idea at first, the logic of it becomes clear when the gates open and a huge gust of wind, along with a whole lot floaty guys playing musical instruments come out.

Dais begins to fight the Ronins, and does pretty well, but once again, it may just be because they only had their sub armor on. After sorely loosing for awhile, the Ronins decide to put their armor on. However, when they try to call it forth, nothing happens. The Netherspirits are preventing them from calling their armor.

Dais takes advantage of this and attacks with his web of Deception, eventually ensnaring all of the Ronins inside his web. He dangles in front of Ryo, telling him that he has lost and that the best thing to do would be to join the Dynasty and become Talpa's servant. Ryo, of course, refuses. Dais tells Ryo that's to bad, and cuts him from the web, where Ryo plunges helplessly to the ground. Dais jumps after him, and is about to finish him off when the Ancient shows up, freeing the Ronins and driving away the Netherspirits. Dais freaks out about this. Now that the Netherspirits are gone, the Ronins armor up and once again, Dais is bashed. So close!

About two episodes later, Dais is summoned by Talpa, who needs him and his illusions in his plan to defeat the Ronins. The Warlord gladly accepted.

First off in the plan, they had to get Kento alone. This was done with the help of a few trains. After that, Dais projected the illusion of a grassy field around Kento. Talpa showed up to tell Kento the his armor was evil, and then Kento was attacked by Dais's illusionary Ronins. When Kento defeated them, the illusionary Ryo turned into Dais, who taunted Kento by telling him that his armor was the same as the Warlords, and that the more he battled, the more his armor's true nature revealed itself.

Kento didn't believe him at first. But Dais had more tricks up his sleeve. He attacks him with an illusionary army, and Kento seems astonished to find that he wants to kill them. Kento finally ends the illusion with an Iron Rock Crusher. As Kento bashes Dais (or an illusion of him) he smiles, and Dais mocks him because this as well. Kento then becomes horrified by the destruction he has done. He no longer trusts his armor. Great job Dais!

The Talk

"You have the subtlety of a bulldozer, Hardrock."
"I'm impressed. You came all this way just to die."
"This is no trick Kento of Hardrock."
"I was a fool to ever follow you!"

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