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Warlord Kitties' Den

You enter into a rather large room. It is a mess. Cat toys, some looking as though they've been slashed through with a knife, are scattered everywhere. Shredded scratch post stand next to huge kitty platforms. There are kitty beds, kitty bowls with food half eaten, and off to the side, a pile of blankets. A kitty with long red hair is drinking from a dish full of milk.

He turns and meows at you before returning to his milk. From across the room, there is a ripping sound. You turn and find a green hair kitty digging his claws what looks like a shirt. Noticing you looking at him, he quickly hides the ruined shirt.

You notice something from the corner of your eye. Against one wall there is a pile of blankets. As you stare at it, one blanket moves. Something is in there. Cautiosly, you walk over and toss aside one of the blankets. Out pops a kitty.

He flicks his tail at you, then disappears back into the pile. You glance around in confusion. There should be one more. You shrug and start to leave. Your about to leave when pain shoots through your foot. You jump in surprise and glance angrily down.

You glare at the Dais kitty. He gives you his most innocent look. He swishes his tail, licks a paw, and walks off to annoy his friends.

These Warlord Kitties
were adopted from
Ghost's Anime Page

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