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Sakura's Den

Hi! I'm SakuraIsthill, Dark Warlord of Insanity(and mulitgrain bars, but don't get me started on that)! But call me Sakura-chan. Welcome to my den! Feel free to explore. Just don't mess it up. I mean, I have guests over and they just totally . . .

Anubis: Hello, I'm Anubis. Me and the other Warlords hang around as well.

Oh Anuuubiiis. Isn't he kawaii? ~wink, wink~

Anubis: ~blushes~

Dais: Sakura-chan, can you please untie us now?

Kale: Yes, good idea! Untie the Warlords! I'm getting rope burn!

I'll think about it. Anywho, I hope you enjoy the site!

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Disclaimer:All characters, except me, and information concerning the anime Ronin Warriors is not owned by me, but some company. All images may be used as viewer wishes, except my adopted pets, which you MAY NOT HAVE! I am in absolutely in NO way connected to NASA. I do not claim to own any of these characters, it's all only in my head. I am also extremely poor, so please don't sue me, because that would suck.