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What's new?18/10/01
Yes it's been ages since the last update... and I apologise, I've been working on other prjects like these. And as I won't have time to update for a while, I can't take any submissions of art. BUT that doesn't mean this site is closing oh no... I have a new layout fot it to plan ^_^ later!
Shock, horror, gasp! Could it be.... an update!!! WOW, well I've finnally found some time to do another gallery, and here it is... the Royalty gallery! I just also wanna say thanks to Leti for submitting her art, I'm very greatful ^_^
Muse's new album is out today! Woo Hoo but despite that I've worked mega hard to get the Sailor Moon gallery open for you! ^_^ And I'm also working mega hard to bring to you the Greppies page and the link me page! But for now enjoy! ^_^
Oh and if you want to submit art follow the e-mail me button below:

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If you want to take pictures from the galleries EITHER e~mail me asking for permission or click on the artists name and e~mail them. Also Selphie's Sailor art DOES NOT CLAIM OWNERSHIP to the anime's Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, DBZ, Tenchi Muyo and Card Captors.

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