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Rokou, Ryuuen and Kourin

Chou means "butterfly" in Japanese and "distance" in Chinese

Rokou is the oldest of the Chou siblings. As the eldest, he also inherited the clothes shop that his parents own. As a kid, he was always picked on by the nieghborhood kids and it's always up to his younger brother Ryuuen to save him. Even though Rokou isn't as strong-willed as Ryuuen, his will can be strong too, if someone says the right words to him. As Nuriko had said in OAV 2, episode 3: "You're not that bad, you'll always be my older brother." Rokou also possessed chibi Nuriko's favorite plaything: a crystal globe where in the OAV series will hold Taka's memory of Nuriko.

Nuriko, also known as Ryuuen, was the middle child. Although he was born as a boy, he and his younger sister Kourin really looked alike. Ryuuen is also the one who became the Suzaku Shichi Seishi Nuriko. He loved clothes and dressing up. When Kourin died, he was so heartbroken that he decided to become a woman in order that she can still live her life through him ( sweet!). Before becoming a Shichi Seishi, Ryuuen went to live with is uncle and aunt in a village called Yukigase.

Kourin was the last of the Chou siblings and was the only girl. Kourin was very close to her "Ryuuen-niisama" and Ryuuen adored her back as well. Kourin's life ended tragically when she was nine years old. One day, Ryuuen left their house to go somewhere and Kourin ran after him, "Niisama! Niisama!" she called, smiling and waving. Ryuuen smiled back at her and suddenly, he saw a cart coming towards Kourin. "Look out!" he yelled, but it was too late. Kourin was hit by the cart and she died.

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