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Nuriko's Photo Album

I had divided Nuriko's Photo Album into 3 parts: The Funny Faces of Nuriko had SD images which show the funny side of the purple-haired bishonen; Pretty Nuriko features the pics that will make you go " this person a girl or a boy?", also has the pics of Nuriko's pretty and "feminine" side which we all know as Kourin, also has the pics where he's totally kawaii and last, but not least, is Memories, which features Nuriko with his Miko, fellow Shichi Seishi and other people.

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The Funny Faces of Nuriko

This is the best laugh that I had in ages!
Good looks really run in the Chou family!
Don't mess with me!
You really think I'm that serious?!

Pretty/Kawaii Nuriko

Here's a really pretty one!
What a strong woman!
I'm destined to be in Hotohori-sama's arms!
Even though he's dead, he's still so cute!
When will Nuriko be the bridegroom?


Nuriko and Miaka...looking kawaii together
Rokou and Ryuuen...don't the brothers look kawaii?
All of the Suzaku Shichi Seishi including...Yui and Nakago
Suzaku Seishi unite...even in death