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All About Nuriko!

Ryuuen as Lady Kourin

Chou Ryuuen first appeared in Fushigi Yuugi, episode 3 as Lady Kourin, the beautiful candidate-empress of the Imperial Seraglio who saved Miaka and Tamahome from the fallen building. Although she was Suzaku Shichi Seishi Nuriko, Lady Kourin didn't get along at first with Miaka because she was jealous of the attention that Emperor Saihitei (Hotohori) paid her. Lady Kourin has been in the palace for a year, but the emperor never once cast a glance in her direction. To pay Miaka back, Lady Kourin started chasing after Tamahome and by treating Miaka nastily. When Miaka learned that Lady Kourin was really in love with the emperor, and not with Tamahome, she resolved to help her. But the emperor's love was for Miaka, Suzaku no Miko, and that made Lady Kourin resent Miaka. As time went on however, Lady Kourin accepted that the emperor cannot love her the way that she loves him, and her feelings for him faded (although she still loves the emperor, not like before).

Ryuuen as Suzaku Shichi Seishi Nuriko
At this point, Lady Kourin is now referred to as "he." As Nuriko, his seishi symbol is yanagi, "willow," which is located on the left side of his chest, over the heart. His ability is superhuman strength, which is very handy in all situations that he and his fellow seishi are in. Nuriko's gift from Taiitsukun is a pair of bracelets that turn to arm guards. These arm guards stabilize his strength, and gives him more power. At this point, Nuriko gets along well now with Miaka, and his fellow seishi. In fact, Nuriko is the cheeriest of them all! He provides comic relief in somber situations, whether he may be with Tamahome, Miaka or Tasuki. In sticky situations, he also does a good job of protecting his beloved Miko. Later on, Nuriko realizes that as a man, he has always been in love with Miaka, but putting his own feelings aside, he wants Miaka to be happy with Tamahome, and he will be watching over them, like a big brother. Sadly, this was not realized, as Nuriko died an early death (he was only 18 years old) in the hands of Ashitare, a Seiryuu Shichi Seishi, while searching for the Shinzaho of Genbu in Black Mountain (english translation) in Hokkan. But Nuriko's death was not in vain, he gave Miaka and the others the strength in order to continue on with their journey.

Ryuuen as the Ghost of Nuriko (OVA)
Nuriko, along with Hotohori, Mitsukake and Chiriko came back to help their fellow shichi seishi in the OVA series. Nothing much changed with Nuriko as a ghost, although he can fly now! He's still pretty much the same, with his bright eyes, cheerful smile, boundless energy, and he still uses his superhuman strength, with the help of his bracelets.In OVA II, episode 3, we see Rokou, Nuriko's older brother, who is not very sure of himself, unlike his younger brother. In the end, Rokou, inspired by the appearance of Nuriko, proved himself to be strong inside, like his younger brother! One of the last scenes is one wherein Rokou and Nuriko talked about his death. Rokou missed his younger brother terribly, and he heard that Ryuuen died an honorable death in the snow. He had wanted to weep over his brother's body, but this was not granted of him. The last scene shows the two brothers, with Rokou's bandaged arm over Nuriko's arm guard. I really like this scene, the two brothers! Now if only Kourin had made an appearance... center>
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