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I have decided to put up a section on Houki because she's one of my favorite characters in FY, even though she appeared only a few times. I was really glad that I had read Suzaku Hi-den (Hotohori's novel), because it gave me more information on Houki. I find her very pretty, an able dowager empress who survived even after the death of her husband, and a good mother to kawaii Boushin. I think Houki and Hotohori look good together! This got me thinking, if Nuriko was a woman, would he have married Hotohori eventually? Hotohori fell in love with Houki, and Houki looked an awful lot like Nuriko! Wouldn't you know, Houki and Nuriko are best friends!!!!!

You Houki, 17 years of age, lived in a poor village with her father and her little brother. She has a friend since childhood, named Tendoh, who was really in love with her. But Houki only sees him as an older brother. Houki tries to support her family through her crops, but she has some bad luck, and her father spends the little money that they have on liquor. One day, someone from the palace is going around looking for beautiful girls to be included in the emperor's harem. Houki was chosen, because she's the prettiest girl in the village. She didn't want to, but her father drags her to be sold in the harem, "for her own happiness." While in the harem, Houki meets (who else?) the Lady Kourin! They instantly became friends and were pretty much amazed that they looked alike. Houki wasn't very interested in the emperor at that time, and said that Kourin can have him. Houki soon realizes that Kourin was really a man, and that he is Suzaku shichi seishi Nuriko! But they still remained best friends. Houki witnesses the time when evil Tamahome and Saihitei (Hotohori's emperor name) fought for Miaka, and was deeply moved by Saihitei's feelings for Miaka, even though Miaka loves another. While Nuriko was away in his travels with his fellow seishi, he wrote Houki all the time, narrating to her their adventures and his personal feelings. One of his letters, the one that he wrote a day before his death, told Houki that he loved her and they are still and will be best friends (this is really touching...), Houki received this letter after hearing of Nuriko's death. She was devastated by the news. Emperor Saihitei visited Houki in the harem, and offers to take her back to the village. When they got there, Houki was devastated once again by the massacre of her village, courtesy of the Kutou army. She saw Tendoh, the only survivor of the massacre. He asks her to be with him, but Houki doesn't feel the same way about him. Tendoh got mad, figuring out that she must be in love with Saihitei. He yelled at Saihitei, he was really the emperor's older brother and the one who should have lived Saihitei's life. Saihitei was devastated, he asked Tendoh to come to the palace and that he is willing to give him his place as emperor, and that Houki should marry him. Houki was about to tell Saihitei that he is the one who she loves, but she can't get herself to say it. Tendoh (who was possessed by an evil something) and Saihitei had a sword fight. Houki steps in front of Saihitei and blocks Tendoh's sword with her bare hands, telling him that his younger brother is really kind. Tendoh was wounded and comes back to his senses. Saihitei and Houki were married. When Yui (Seiryuu no Miko) summoned Seiryuu, there was a war between Kutou and Konan. Saihitei fought in this battle with all determination, but was killed by Nakago. Saihitei remembers his beloved Miko and his wife, with his soon-to-be-born-heir (yes, Houki was pregnant at this time!).

In OVA II, episode 2, Hotohori and Houki's son, Boushin is a year old, but he doesn't speak a word. The poor Empress, who was nineteen years old, was confined to her bed, still devastated by Saihitei's death. Houki soon felt Saihitei's presence and this gave her the strength to move on with her life as empress, with their son. Boushin sees his father for the first time, and in a very touching scene, upon being carried by his father in Taka's body, the baby uttered his first words which were "Lord Father.." In Eikou Den 1 and 2, we see Boushin as Emperor Reizeitei, the fifth emperor of the dynasty, at twelve years old, beautiful and wise, like his father and mother. He was very eager to meet his father's and Nuriko's reincarnations (for his mother), but Chichiri told him that the reincarnated cannot have contact with their loved ones (dunno why..). Houki is beside Boushin, helping him rule Konan as the dowager Empress Youtaikou. She took care of the fake Suzaku no Miko (Mayo), who arrived in Konan. Tasuki even commented that Youtaikou looks so much like Nuriko, she should replace Nuriko in the summoning of Suzaku, that way, there would be one less person to look for (the Suzaku shichi seishi have to summon Suzaku to get rid of the fake one, and that means looking for the reincarnated forms of Nuriko, Hotohori, Mitsukake and Chiriko).

This concludes my description for You Houki, the beautiful dowager empress of Konan, loving wife and mother to Saihitei and Boushin, and best friend to Nuriko.

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