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Audio Manga

An Inuyasha Sound Shrine

  • I noticed a sincere lack of Inuyasha sound shrines, so I hope you enjoy my shrine! ^v^ If there is a certain sound you would like to be made, please request it. I've used up all my ideas. I only have episodes 1-6 of the anime, so only up until Kagome pulls out Tetsusaiga. And don't forget to link me if you use some of my sounds for your webpages. ^_^
  • I've arranged the shrine so that you can click on a scan of the manga, to hear the anime equivalent of the lines. But in case you just want the sounds and no pics, I'll be making a text-only version...soon. Unfortunately, it's a little hard to organize the sound files by character, since it's meant to be listened to as scenes. So sounds are organized by Viz's volumes and story sections.

    Volume 1 Volume 2
    Scroll 1: The Accursed Youth Scroll 1: Yura's Web
    Scroll 2: Inu-Yasha Resurrected Scroll 2: Dilemma
    Scroll 3: A New Foe Scroll 3: Soul Transfer
    Scroll 4: The Dancing Dead Scroll 4: Half-Breed
    Scroll 5: Kagome's Arrow Scroll 5: A Mother's Face
    Scroll 6: Yura of the Hair Scroll 6: The Nothing Woman
    Scroll 7: The Bone-Eater's Well Scroll 7: The Black Pearl
    Scroll 8: The Return Home Scroll 8: The Fang of Steel
    Scroll 9: The Transformation
    Scroll 10: Legacy


    If there's someone I'm forgetting to give credit here, please e-mail me. I am in no way making money off of this stuff!
  • "Inu-Yasha" was created by Rumiko Takahashi. The English manga is translated and distributed by Viz Communications. The anime is by Sunrise Entertainment.
  • "Inuyasha Audio Manga: An Inuyasha Sound Shrine" is webmastered by mysticdragon3 [homepage: The Vortex], and 1st uploaded on 2/28/2001
  • All the sounds and scans on this site were done through mysticdragon3's devotion and hard work.