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Konnichi wa! I am the world's largest Jessie and James fan. My name is Sakura and welcome to my site, formerly known as Team Rocket's Hideout. I changed it because now, this site is dedicated to Jessie and James only. Not Team Rocket- Jessie and James. And Meowth, too. If you want information and stuff on Jessie, James, and Meowth, I have that (or I will...), and if you are a rocketshipper, you can go to the rocketshippy page. All you have to remember on my page is that if the link has stars around it, that means it's open. And by the way, if there's not much on this site, it's because it just opened in December 2000, so you may want to come back later. Have fun!

Hey, and you can link to my page if you want to with this cool banner made for me by my friend Mako-Kingler!

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What does it have to do with the United States?

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