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Some chibi RK heads ^^. Click on the heads to download their SD pi-cute-tures!

Enter and be part of the RK Animal Kingdom! ^_^x

RuRoUnI  kEnShIn InSaNiTy!

Welcome to "The RK Zoo" visitor! A site dedicated to the animals of Rurouni Kenshin! Why "animals" you ask? Well maybe in the anime you already heard characters calling themselves animal names, like Misao the "weasel", Saitoh the "wolf", and blah blah . . . Whether Kenshin has the world-record of holding his breathe non-stop saying "Orooooooooooooooooooo....", or Sano never changes his clothes (argh the smell), if you're looking for RK InSaNiTy, this is your stop! Don't forget to visit the zoo again in the future, ok? 

Now what are you waiting for? Enter now!

last updated: September 13- FINALLY!!!!! (hehe ^^;)





 animal to come here! Please e-mail me if you're the 6000th, 6500th and so on!
Chibi chibi Kurama, our guest of the month!

Whoppeeeeee!!! These are the special visitors of the zoo ^_^x.

     500th - Yoshi  3000th - Jessica   7000th - Sachi-chan
     2000th - Zigger  4500th - Keiko-chan
     2500th - Kiara  6000th - Suzume Aki

Hey Kurama's here! =D


Please vote for us! ^_^x

Please vote for us ^_^x

Please vote for us! ^_^x

Please vote for us! ^_^x



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DISCLAIMERS: Rurouni Kenshin is (c) by Watsuki Nobuhiro and Sony Entertainment, rights reserved. I made this page as a fanatic of RK, so please don't sue me! The zoo is maintained by Kaoru Kanzaki. Drink moderately. Breastfeeding is still best for babies   (hehe).

The RK Zoo started about Novemeber 2K. Arigato for visiting. Please come back! ^_^