About the Webmasters: The Utena Crew

One day, in March of 2000, two teens named Jason and Kathleen came across an anime entitled "Revolutionary Girl Utena" while at the local Blockbuster Video. At the top of the box was a heading: From the Director of Sailor Moon. Being fans of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon (at one point in their lives) the two decided that Utena should be just as good if it has the same director. So Jason and Kathleen got their first taste of Shoujo Kakumei Utena. It seemed a little weird to them at first. The duel songs in particular. But with a hilarious episode like "The Sunlit Garden Prelude," they liked it. Although the two showed an interest in Utena, the first four episodes on that tape would be the only episodes they would see for almost a year...

In February of 2001, Kathleen was bored and was downloading songs off of Napster. She all of a sudden remembered Utena(those four episodes had been stuck in their minds even though they only saw each of them once) and decided to download Rinbu Revolution. Not remembering how good the song was after a year of not hearing it, Kathleen was blown away. Rinbu Revolution became her "jam" for a while. She told Jason to download the song as well. He was also hooked on the song and had a new "jam." Jason and Kathleen decided that they should finally see more of Utena. They both bought the first volume of the "Rose Collection" DVD(Kathleen watches it dubbed most of the time, but Jason loves that Japanese!). Being refreshed with the first four episodes and seeing three others for the first time, Jason and Kathleen's obsession had begun. Only less than a week later, Jason had the idea of creating an Utena website. Having other websites of their own, Jason decided that an Utena site would need a team effort. So he e-mailed Kathleen and a friend of his, Lidia, and told them about making the site. Kathleen quickly agreed. Lidia agreed although she had never seen or heard of Utena before. And thus, on March 9th(Jason's Birthday) the Rinbu Academy was born. So enough with the introduction and get to know the members of the Utena Crew a little better!