Spira Mirabilis Theatre

Welcome to the Spira Mirabilis Theatre! Here you will be able to enjoy a different photograph gallery of the inhabitants of the Rinbu Academy each month. Downloads such as music, video clips, and others will be available as well.

This months featured gallery includes very strange and scary photos of the Rinbu Academy's citizens... Enjoy!

The Prostitutional Gallery

The pictures in this gallery were obtained from Empty Movement with permission from Giovanna.
*The pictures in this gallery are not hentai, but children under the age of 12 are still advised to keep out because we don't want parents complaining.

Video Clips

These clips require the Real Player to view.

Opening Sequence- Round Dance Revolution

Ending Sequence #1- Truth

Ending Sequence #2- Virtual Star Embryology

Ending Sequence #3- Rose and Release

^_^ Bet ya didn't know there was a third ending sequence! It's played only in the last episode. We here at the Rinbu Academy like to call it "Nana" Revolution because the song that plays is a remixed version of Round Dance Revolution, but the lyrics are just "na na na na na na na..." sung to the beat.

Other Anime Video Clips

Here are some opening sequences to a few other anime that you may be interested in. The opening themes alone will hook you in!

Neon Genesis Evangelion Opening- Cruel Angel's Thesis

Cruel Angel's Thesis is an awesome theme song!!! Just as good as Round Dance Revolution!

Sakura Wars Opening

El Hazard Opening