Pioneers of Rinbu Academy on Chibi Island

In the year 2040, after the Sailor Wars(that's another story), all that was left on the Earth was an island. No one knows for sure, but it is believed that it was originally Rhode Island. Despite that, the island is called Chibi Island by its citizens. In the middle of Chibi Island lies a school. It used to be the Ohtori Academy, but was destroyed in the Sailor Wars and later rebuilt as the Rinbu Academy. The Student Council members still remain; Touga is president, Saionji is vice-president, Juri is treasurer and fencing team captain, and Miki is secretary, Juri's disciple and still an all around boy-genius. Although the Student Council has power over the rest of the students, the Pioneers are the heads of the school. They did fund the rebuilding of the school after all. The Pioneers consists of Miki and Usagi. Together, the two of them make sure all is well among the students of the Rinbu Academy. In the now non-floating, non-upside-down, non-spinning castle(Hey, it was destroyed then rebuilt after all. It was architecturally impossible to get it back the way it was!), the Pioneers review resumés for two new members while everyone's favorite theme song plays. "Take my revolution ikite-yukou, genjitsu wa gamushara ni kurushi..." While listening to Rinbu Revolution, the Pioneers round dance as fast as they can. They continue to twirl and twirl until they pass out. Meanwhile, as the Pioneers are laying lifeless, Nanami is patrolling the outskirts of Chibi Island along the shores of the beach. She tiptoes from palm tree to palm tree, hiding from the crowd and not trying to look too suspicious. "Where the hell are they?!" Nanami contemplates as to where the 4th grade parade could be at this time. "Tsuwabuki was supposed to meet me here!" Then, all of a sudden, voices of children singing the school's anthem fill the air. The crowd starts to cheer as the 4th graders continue with the song. "Can't you see that I am a pioneer, unlocking the greatest mysteries. My key is a fearless heart, so pure and strong..." As the singing, round dancing 4th graders pass by, Nanami hides behind a palm tree and wates for Mitsuru. The children twirl along and Nanami spots Mitsuru trotting along at the end of the line. She yells out to him, "Tsuwabuki-kun! I'm over here behind this palm tree!" Mitsuru notices Nanami. He slows down and quietly makes his way over to her without the other children noticing. "Tsuwabuki, don't make a sound. To get to the Pioneers' office we'll have to make our way past the rose garden. Our meeting with them is supposed to be secret, so not even Anthy can know about this. Got that?" Mitsuru agrees and the two head on over to the castle. They arrive as the Sunlit Garden, and Anthy is watering the roses as usual. "There she is Tsuwabuki. She'll spot us for sure if we just walk by. Do something to get her attention away from us." Mitsuru looks around and notices a large rock. "Can this help in any way?" Mitsuru asks Nanami. She thinks for a moment... "Yeah, toss it into the garden so it breaks a flower pot. While Anthy picks up the mess, we can run past and make our way to the castle." Mitsuru takes aim. He tosses the rock with all of his might. The rock sails through the air, breaks through a glass window into the rose garden, and... bashes Anthy in the head. The rose bride drops dead on the floor. "Oops!" yells Mitsuru. Nanami stares at the lifeless Anthy for a moment... "Good job Tsuwabuki! You knocked her out cold!" Mitsuru gives out a low "Uh, thank you, I guess." feeling bad for what he has just done to the rose bride. "Come on, we have to get to the castle!" Nanami and Mitsuru sprint over to the Pioneers' office. The two arrive in the castle and are standing in front of large double doors. "I wonder what they could want us for. I've been excited this whole time, but we may be in trouble!" Nanami hesitates before she pushes open the doors. "What if they find out what we just did to the rose bride?!" questions Mitsuru. "Excuse me?! What do you mean we?!?!?! You're the one who practically killed her! Oh well, I guess we'll find out now." Nanami and Mitsuru push open the large doors and enter the office. "HOEEEE?!" Nanami and Mitsuru yell out at the site of the Pioneers laying lifeless on the floor. Rinbu Revolution continues to play while Nanami and Mitsuru try to wake up the Pioneers. "Excuse me! What are you people doing laying on the floor like drunk bums?! Didn't you want us for something?" Nanami's shrieks of anger jolt the Pioneers back to life. "It's about time! Now what did you want me and Mitsuru for?" Still a little dizzy from round dancing, the Pioneers get up trying to maintain their balance. "Uhh... oh yeah, that's right. Mitsuru and Nanami..." Miki finally shakes off his dizziness and remembers the reason he and Usagi had requested for Nanami and Mitsuru. "We have a special job for you two!" Usagi then continues, "That's right. We have seen that you two have great personalities and are excellent at working with others." Miki finishes, "And so we would like the two of you to become the tour guides of Rinbu Academy. You are now honorary Pioneer members!" Nanami and Mitsuru hold hands and dance with glee as they are assigned their Pioneer uniforms. Nanami's is yellow and Mitsuru's is a light golden-brown. Both uniforms are similar to the Student Council jackets, but are lined with frilly shoulder pads, just like Utena's dueling uniform. ::WHAM!:: Juri and Saionji burst into the room. "What is it you two? We are busy with something here." Miki exclaims. "I'm sorry, but something terrible has just happened to the rose bride!" Saionji states with grief. Nanami and Mitsuru begin to worry. "Anthy?! What happened to her?" Usagi says with worry. Juri explains, "The rose bride seems to have been knocked out in a drive-by incident. A rock was found next to the lifeless Anthy. It appears that the rock was thrown through the window as there is glass all over the garden floor." Usagi replies with disbelief, "I can't believe someone would do such a thing!!! I'm sure it was Akio. Who else actually has a car that could be used in a drive-by? He probably wanted to knock her out so he could..." Miki interrupts Usagi. "Could it really have been Akio?" Juri, Saionji, Miki, Nanami, Mitsuru, and Usagi ponder. ::silence:: "But Akio cares for Anthy. He would never do such a thing." Claims Nanami. Miki protests, "Well that's your definition of caring for a sibling! You've seen what he's done with her!! Anyway, Juri, Saionji. Please continue to investigate this situation. And now the two of you." Miki turns to Mitsuru and Nanami who are shivering with nervous looks. "Your first job as tour guides is to head over to the Hall of Student Records and introduce tourists to the students of Rinbu Academy!"