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October 25: Well, the Utena movie finally was released on October 23rd. Like we said a few months ago, after seeing the movie we would regain interest. Now that we have seen the movie we love Utena again! ^_^ A few of the characters' bios were updated with (new) Voice Actors.(From credits in movie) Look for updates sometime within the next month.
---- To anyone who has mailed us about joining the Utena Crew, we're sorry, but we just never had the time to really go through all the e-mails. We have stopped taking requests to join.
---- By the way, please don't e-mail us about the SAAR thing! LOL. It's just for humor, don't take it too seriously. ^_^

August 22: There will rarely be any updates for the site as of now. The reason is the webmasters have kinda lost interest in Utena. Come November, when the movie is released on DVD, we will most likely gain interest again.

June 6: Check out the new Stop Animated Animal Rape section! This campaign, aka "SAAR", was founded by Nanami and Miki because of animals being violated in cartoons. Please support SAAR!

June 2: More midis for download in the Downloads section. Also video clips of the opening sequence and all three ending sequences up in the Spira Mirabilis Theatre section.

May 16: Check out the new Spira Mirabilis Theatre section! There is only one gallery up at the moment, but it's a very interesting one...

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