Most of the bios have been reworded from what Elaby Moon has written on her site.
Huge thanks goes to Elaby Moon for letting us use some of the information on her site. Domo arigatou gozaimasu! ^_^ We've only seen the Student Council Saga! :(
Putting the Utena Crew as Pioneers in the site introduction was all Miki's idea. He was inspired by Becka and Karen of Blood Soaked and Honor Bound, who have a hilarious fanfic based site!
Multimedia files and pics from the Adolesence Mokushiroku movie are from
The character roses in the bios were created by Tenchi except for Utena's rose. Please ask for permission before using the other characters' roses on your site.
The Final Destinations page also contains sites that we may have used some things from.

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