Fight for animated animal rights!

  The images above are what drove Nanami and Miki to start the SAAR campaign. One day we were channel surfing and stumbled upon an episode of Pokémon. Considering how the show is for a child audience, you wouldn't think that you'd ever see anything degrating or derogatory on that show. Think again. We just happened to stumble upon the most sickening episode of Pokémon you will ever see. The big potato shaped beetle is called a "Heracross." All episodes that this creature is featured must be taken off air immediately! It sucks on the poor creature named "Bulbasaur" just to pleasure itself with pollin and nectar. This "Heracross" also sucks on the nearest tree it can find. It just grosses us out everytime we see it raping that poor defenseless creature. We were so shocked that something like this aired on the KidsWB!!! And look at poor Chu Chu! Bet he never saw that coming! It happens in Episode 9: "The Castle Where Eternity Dwells." All Chu Chu was doing was minding his own business, sitting in front of the rose garden, when a bug crawls along the ground in front of him. Chu Chu pokes the bug with a stick and it rolls up. Chu Chu pokes the bug some more and laughs. Then, out of no where, a tongue lashes out at the bug and it's bye bye buggie. Chu Chu freaks out as he looks over to his left, where the tongue came from. A big ugly frog is standing right in front of Chu Chu. The scene changes to Saionji who has just walked up to the rose garden. And when it goes back to Chu Chu... :GASP!: Chu Chu is being humped by the frog!!! Saionji says "Why must you always come between me and Anthy, damn you?!" Utena shows up and tells Saionji that his stubborness is his worst trait. Saionji tells Utena that he swears he will win Anthy back, while the frog is still molesting Chu Chu. Chu Chu struggles to escape, but the frog keeps raping away. Saionji goes "Shut up!" and then kicks Chu Chu and the frog out of the way. If it weren't for Saionji, that frog would have continued to mate with Chu Chu! It's little events like these that don't need to happen to animated animals. Please support the SAAR campaign by sending an e-mail to us. Include your name and which of the pics above you would like mailed to you to use as a banner supporting SAAR. We will make a list of supporters and send it in to PETA. Thanks for understanding how we feel about animal rape!