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Mikchan no Otera

Temple of Mikchan

Hey, this is Miaki's personal page. Of course, this is Miaki and I'm building this page for all you Manga and Anime-a-holics. For those of you who have visited this site in the past, you may see that I have decided on a new look. I am currently trying new ways of making this site better and appeal more to the public. This page includes images, music, fan art (and hopefully fanfics) and links to other fabulous anime sites and other cool pages. There is a scroll list for easy access to the pages and an updates links for what's happening or changed. If you have fan work you want others to see, send them in to me by e-mail and I'll be sure to put it up ASAP. Currently I just got a new hit counter so teh number may not be as big as it used to be. Also, if you want to submit your site in, e-mail that too. (Sorry, I don't take any hentai or other porn sites). Later in the future, I hope to put up more new and interesting page for you and others to enjoy.

Fanfics?Fanart? If you want to show your work email me and I'll put it up! Let everyone appreciate your work. This is absolutely new! You want it up, email me and I'll put it up!

Mondai?E-mail me
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