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Hey, this is the first fanfic Iíve really gotten around to putting up on the net!! So I hope you enjoy it. UmmÖ disclaimers would be that sailor moon belongs to its creators and I donít own it at all!! I do however own The Opposite Senshi!! Sean, Clarissa, Frost, Flamme, Storm, Ange, Silence, Foam, Breeze and Midnight and also their boss so far known only as The King, belong to me and only me as I created them on my own. Also the new attacks for the Senshi in their eternal forms are mine.

Legal stuff done now:) Ok! This fanfic is about the Sailor Senshi after they defeat Galaxia and Chaos!! So after the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars series!! I myself have not seen all of Stars but know about it! So if you do not know the plot line of the whole series, I am likely to make references to them so you should probably find a web page somewhere to tell you about the series! If you donít want to then I will promise to try to not give out spoilers and make this easy to understand!! But sometimes I may not be able to help it, as I tend to not remember most people havenít seen all the episodes I have!! And I just realized Iíve been ranting too much so Iíll stop now!

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Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
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Chapter 16

If you want to link with me just e-mail me and i'll be glad to put your page up if you do the same for me:)

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