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The Anime Obsessive Guild

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Welcome to the Anime Obsessive Guild! If you are a member, stay and do all of the fun stuff! If you're not a member, you might wanna consider joining ou fabulous club *snicker* Currently we are under construction, and there's not much here, but it's gettin' bigger every day! If you have feedback, ideas, suggestions, rants, flames, death threats, etc. etc. etc... there's a link to my e-mail at the bottom of the page. Or if you wanna go back to neopets and neomessage me, my name is Lone_Emu_Farmer. This is a spiffy place for spiffy people who like spiffy anime which is spiffy for the spif... oh forget it, this is getting silly. If you like anime and are an outcast to the world, here is a place where you can find many more people just like you. And you will no longer be shunned for your love of anime and fuzzy bath towels.

This is our Monthly Anime Character Feature
Anime Feature

This is the Member Fanfiction Page, where anyone can have their fanfiction put up.
Member Fanfiction Page

This is the anime links page, with all of the best anime sites!
Anime Links page

Here's a weekly anime trivia question
Anime Trivia!

Here is where you can have a link to your shop in Neopia
Member Shops

Here are some anime reveiws
Anime Reviews

sorry there isn't more, but soon I'll put up a chatroom and some messageboards. at least we got more stuff than most of the other guilds!

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