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Ok this is the member page it has all the members and there stats, and if you click on the picture you can e-mail the person.

Level-145. Power Level-27,100 Energy Level-27,300 Money-$12,000. Moves-kidgoku kick,kamehameha,DEATH WARD KAMEHAMEHA, kidpunch,energy kick,solarflare, gokublast,sprit of omega, the lightfoot of the clouds, rapid fire, energyshield, nionfly. Items-earth shop,tools,henchman, henchman2,henchman3,Gravitrone,henchman4,henchman5,henchman6,henchman7,henchman8,henchman9,henchman10,6 senzu beans. stats-self training 12/17/01.

Level-184. Power Level-36,900 Energy Level-37,100 . Money-$690. Moves- chibi trunks punch,chibi trunks kick, Masankoha,chibitrunks,mega block,thrash,final flash,rapid fire, kioto,energy punch, energy kick, power up, solar flare,energyshield,Capsule, DBRadar, Engine Booster and a Z Sword. I learned Distructo Disk, DemonRay, EyeBeam, Amachaboto, Sword Attack,Final Blade -&- Truck Bomb,trunksblast, Items-henchman,henchman2,henchman3,mind mover.Stats-on namek.

Level-527. Power Level-104,500 Energy Level-104,700. Money-2,390. Moves-trunks punch,trunkskick, Abeachaboto, kioto,solarflare,power up, masankoha, energyshield,eyebeam, sprit of omega, and trunks blast finalflash,truck bomb,thrash,energyshield, kamehameha,double distruko disk, energy punch, contiuos light foot, my great move learner, final blade,sword attack, megablock, rapidfire,thrash .Items-henchman, henchman2, henchman3, zsword, movelearner,greatmoverlearner,.Stats-send henchman to karins for senzu beans 12/20/01

Level-177. Power Level-35,500 Energy Level-35,700. Money-$1,080. Moves- gt goku punch,gt goku kick,solarflare, specialbeamcanon,kamehameha,continueous light foot of the clouds,demonray,thrash, power up, truckbomb rapidfire ,energyshield,megablock,kamehameha(unlearned)masankoha,final flash,sprit of omega,rapidfire,eye beam,kioto.Items-Henchman,henchman2,henchman3,movelearner Stats-none Level-159.Power Level-31,900 Energy Level-32,100. Money-$370. Moves- vegeta punch, vegeta kick, final flash,destructodisk, powerup, thrash, truck bomb, demonray, megablock,Big Bang Frier. Items-henchman,capsule,engine. Stats-on namek

Level-35 Power level 6,100 Energy level 6,300 Money $300 Moves-Majin punch, Majin kick, Majin buu blast. Items-henchman stats-none

Level-32 Power level 6500 Energy level 6700 Money $130 Moves-Supreme punch, Kia kick, Kioshen blast. Items-dragon radar stats-none

Level-1 Power level 100 Energy level 300 Money $50 Moves-gohan punch, gohan kick, gohan blast. Items-henchman stats-self training 12/19/01