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Bad Guys

The bad guys page is for your viewing of all the bad guys and what there doing so you can always be 1 step ahead of them.

location-space Level-30 . Power Level-6,100. Energy level-6,100. Money- $1,200. Moves-Raditz Canon, Raditz kick, Raditz punch, Raditz combo (double raditz kick), limbo dancer(sends you to limbo if you're dead), arayaraya.Items- capsel,3 senzu beans. Stats-comming to earth 10/28/01 location-planet freeza, level-unknown power level-4,000,000 energy level 4,000,200 Money-$300 Moves-dodo ray, dodopunch, dodokick, dodoblast, dodo bomb, arayaraya,dodo canon, death blast. Items-capsul unknown Stats-going to namek 10/23/01. location-planet freeza, level-unknown power level-4,500,000, energy level 4,500,200 transformed zarbon power level-6,500,000 energy level-6,500,200 Money-$300 Moves-transform, zarban glow, zarbon blast, zarbon kick, energy punch, death awakening, Verbatim. Items-capsul unknown Stats-going to namek 10/23/01

When the bad guy arrives on the planet give the time and date which you want to fight him, you will have 3 days to fight him or he will ultimatily kill you or send you to limbo.