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And now, on with the fanart!

Arus See more of the artist's work here
Nephrite and Naru
Stylish Naru on the beach

Asisko44 *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
*new* Date in a Cafe
*new* General Nephrite Waiting
*new* Naru and Nephrite

Bikini I got this off the old Dark Kingdom Love Revival site, which has been gone for many years now, and I don't think this artist has been heard from in a long time. But this picture's too good to disappear forever.

BlueValentineRose *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
If I Never Knew You... A very poignant portrait.

ChronicallyZee *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
The STARSS A unique take on Naru and Nephrite, with Naru as a natural redhead and Nephrite as Native American General of North America.

Luvbunnies Because in Moon Momma's fics they multiply like... well, you know ^.^

dalles *visit the Artist's Website*
Naru in Watercolors A beautiful portrait.
Merry Christmas, Nephrite It takes more than the Ghost of Christmas Past to cheer up this Scrooge!
From August Moon:
Naru in a blue dress
Always On My Mind

Dark Amethyst *visit the Artist's Website*
Without You Naru struggling to cope.

Dark-elfa *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Beware the Second Wave Nephrite and friends... er, minions.

DraJien *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Mr. Nephlite...Ms. Naru A very pretty and stylish portrait. Gorgeous hair on Naru.

FenrisFang *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Genuine Smile A sweet moment together

Hathostet *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Naru and Nephrite Dancing.
Naru and Nephrite 2 A romantic portrait.
Je t'aime Naru: "Je t'aime, mon amour. Do you love me too?" Neph: "I'll always love you... till my dying day"

hezaa *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Love Magic Lots of love energy in the air!

Inunokanojo *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Hot 'n' Spicy Nephrite (Drawn at my request) Like it says. If you like this, go check out her series of Final Fantasy guys!
Role Reversal (Also drawn at my request) Opposite from how you'd usually see them - I love this pose. The artist comments that she's been drawing mainly guys for a long time, so Naru came out a little masculine-looking. You see so many feminine Nephrites, that I think it's only fair to turn the tables a bit! :D

J *visit the Artist's website Artist's deviantArt page*
Are you the one I hoped for... Beautiful. I can imagine so many stories behind this...

loreley25 *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Naru y Nephrite "I love you not only as you are, but as I am when I'm with you"

Miss Liss
Charleston Swing

Molkoholic *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Naru A lovely portrait
Naru and Nephrite So romantic...
Nephrite and Naru Beautiful. (for some reason it makes me think of August Moon by dalles)

MollyDarling *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Naru and angel Nephrite
Cute Naru
Naru and Nephrite Kissing
Moonlit Ball There's a story behind this, but MollyDarling wants to know what your ideas are! Let her know at her deviantArt page. Personally, I think it could be a scene from Lyra's Children.
The Stars Know Everything (color)
The Stars Know Everything (sketch)
Like a Secret Dream
Lonely Meadow
Your Heart Hasn't Deceived Me
If Only

Moon Momma
Nephrite and His "Greatest Weakness" It was supposed to be Sailor Nephrite, but I just couldn't bring myself to draw him in a dress.
Cute Little Red-Haired Girl My humble tribute to Charles M. Schulz.

Naru looking at the stars
Nephrite's family Based on the planned Crystal Tokyo arc of Naru-chan's multi-arc fic.
Nephrite and Naru in February From a Dark Kingdom calendar Naru-chan is working on.

Pellury *visit the Artist's DeviantArt page*
Sailor Moon Candy Beautiful line drawing of the cast of characters.

PingPong1 *visit the Artist's DeviantArt page*
Naru and Nephrite A very cool and sweet casual portrait.

Here, mousie, mousie... A wolf in wolf's clothing *rrrowl*
Pu's summary of Nephrite's death scene Okay, I get the biggest kick out of this. And maybe this time Naru *does* get those thorns out!
Nephrite with a pair of beautiful wings
Nephrite with his symbol on his forehead A very pretty portrait.

Rei G. Ino
These fanarts were done as illustrations for the fanfic "The Temple of Golden Dragon," by Tihe, found at the same website as the artist's work. It's in Russian, though.
Flying This is awfully cute. I wonder if it's Naru's daydream, or Nephrite's, or if it's really happening?
Bedside watch I really wish I could read the fanfic this goes with, "The Temple of Golden Dragon." The picture reminds me a lot of the first scene in Lyra's Children.
Embrace Beautiful and flat-out sexy. I wish I could read the fic this goes with! (Anyone know Russian?)

RurouniGemini83 *visit the Artist's DeviantArt page*
Here We Go Again A new take on a familiar scene, from the artist's fic-in-progress. "This is after a battle, and both Sailor Virgo (Naru), and Nephrite are listening with some chagrin, to an argument between Tuxedo Kamen and Tsukikage no Knight."

Sailor Harmony *visit the Artist's Website*
Sketch of Nephrite in a tuxedo This only took the artist three minutes to draw!
Chibi Nephrite and a pet

Sanjouin-daCapo *visit the Artist's DeviantArt page*
Asleep and Alone
Sleeping Nephrite A pair of pictures that serve as a prologue to Sanjouin da Capo's story cycle, The Stars Can Wait.

Sara Beth *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Tender Gaze Very sweet

Sarah-neko *visit the Artist's Website*
Anime-style Nephrite and Naru
If only... they hadn't been so rudely interrupted...
Manga-style Nephrite and Naru

Serenity Winner *visit the Artist's LiveJournal Community*
Naru and Nephrite Okay, this is just so beautiful *sigh*

Soylent Green
Ghost Is he or isn't he? I love this picture; it's so evocative.

Nephrite Tenshi A most un-angelic angel. ~.^

Tanzanite *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Neflite and Molly Unusual white-on-color portrait. Very pretty.
Seduction A beautiful pen-and-ink drawing of Naru taking the lead.
Nephrite and Family Handsome Nephrite, hot mama Naru, and adorable Junior.
Nephrite and Molly Cover image from "Sub-Culture." (slightly R-rated)

Tata *visit the Artist's website Artist's deviantArt page*
Nephrite, the King of Stars Gorgeous realistic portrait.
Dark Lady Naru "At the dark end of this bar, What a beautiful wreck you are"

TechnoRanma *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Let Me Show You the Stars That last night, things could have gone in a very different direction.

Toeto x3 *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Gone Beautiful and sad

UnconventionalSenshi *visit the Artist's deviantArt page*
Sweet Revenge Zoisite better watch out...
Osaka Naru A beautiful portrait
Call Me Masato Mr. Smooth ^.^

An Alternate Fate I think we all would have liked to see it go like this.

Other Images

Animation Cels from Silver Dragoness's (Rynn's) collection.
Nephrite animation cel (Note: image is from site where Rynn purchased the cel. The cel is beginning to deteriorate slightly, and she didn't want to make it worse by subjecting it to another scanning.)
Naru cel
Nephrite cel
Nephrite cel
Nephrite cel

My hero dalles found this gorgeous scan at the Sailor Moon Image Archive. It was spread over two magazine pages, so dalles removed the background and airbrushed the seam between pages.
Original "My Hero" With the magazine page background.
My only love A Moonfight doujinshi scan I swiped off of TAATN and colored myself using PhotoDeluxe.
Truly Madly Deeply They’re... um... wearing swimsuits ^_^;;; Another Moonfight doujinshi scan (from another site) colored by me. I've fixed Naru's ghastly skin tones -- she looks much healthier now.

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