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Note: I accept submissions for this page. However, before you send anything, please check out my guidelines *very* carefully; I have some very specific guidelines for fanfics and for submitting them. Even if you've submitted to this page before, please review the guidelines, as I have changed/clarified/gotten stricter about a number of things.

Completion dates (where known) are given for the fics on this page that are complete. For fics in progress, I've given the date started or added and the most recent update.

15 March 2016
Updated Music Box by happyhappysunshine
Slow Process to Redemption by Keren Olivero

Added 24 Hours to Life by Moon Momma


A - D / E - M / N - S / T - Z

G Nothing offensive, possibly some slight angst
PG Occasional mild language, sexual references, mild violence, angsty
PG-13 More frequent language, strongly implied or "on-camera" (non-explicit) sex, more violent, intense angst
R Strong language, more descriptive (but still non-explicit) sex, semi-graphic violence
What you will not find on this site: extreme foul language, explicit sexual description, graphic violence.
I have made one exception to this policy, for "Brothers in Arms." There are plenty of warnings, so you can't accidentally stumble across it, and I will not be making any more exceptions.
When in doubt between two ratings, I've given the higher rating.
Poems are not rated, except for "Sanity."

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