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Who is that Guy?
By Kurozuishou

5. Chapter - Back to the Roots

* * * * * * * *

Inside of another mirror Naru was shown, looking into Nephrite's mirror, depressed.

"The poor girl." Kunzite said, watching her.

A window rattled.

Kunzite looked around.

"This damn storm!" Zoisite said.

A door slammed.

Kunzite and Zoisite turned around.

Jedite walked towards them, shivering. "Hello folks!" he said.

"Hello Jedite!" Kunzite said.

Jedite looked at the windows. "What a storm!" He looked back to the two Shitennou. "Who are you watching this time?" he asked, glancing at the mirror.

"Naru, Neflite's earth girlfriend," Zoisite answered.

"Neflite had a girlfriend on earth?" Jedite asked, wondering.

"Gosh, Jedite!" Zoisite said. "You're really behind the times!"

Jedite watched the girl in the mirror more closely. "What is she doing there?" He saw that Naru had turned the mirror she had looked into around.

"She's turning a mirror around!" Zoisite said. "Can't you see?"

Jedite's eyes grew big. "Why is she doing this?"

"Because Neflite suffers from a persecution complex of late!" Zoisite explained.

Jedite looked at Kunzite, then at Zoisite. "What's wrong with Neflite?"

Kunzite sighed. "He lives on earth now." he said.

"Traitor!" Zoisite hissed at him.

"On earth?" Jedite gasped. "But why... I mean... how is that possible?"

Kunzite looked at Zoisite. "Don't you want to tell him?"

Zoisite gulped. "Well... we," she watched Kunzite. "I... stole his Pure Heart Crystal."

"You?" Jedite gasped.

"Scar did it!" Zoisite said, briefly. "I can't take Pure Heart Crystals, you know."

"Zoisite! You...!" Jedite scolded. He looked at Kunzite. "Where do you have his Pure Heart Crystal now?"

"We... don't have it anymore." Kunzite said, slowly.

"It's broken!" Zoisite said.

"Zoisite broke it to repair my mirror with." Kunzite explained.

"It's not as bad as it looks!" Zoisite said to Jedite, shivering. "Neflite and Naru had just a little argument, but that's normal! Every relationship has a crisis sometimes!"

"Oh, shut up, Zoisite!" Jedite said. He turned around.

"Where are you going?" Zoisite wanted to know.

"I am going to contact Neflite." Jedite said. "And in the meantime you could think about your sins, Zoisite!"

He went away.

* * * * * * * *

Naru walked through the hallways of Neflite's villa.

Everything was dark around her.

Naru shivered. She asked herself if she was shivering from the cold in these empty rooms or the emptiness in her heart. From one minute to another her whole world was broken up. Everything she had believed in was meaningless now.

It still broke her heart, when she thought about Neflite's cruel death. How the three monsters had hurt him, and how he lay in her arms, bleeding. Suddenly, Neflite had turned into little glittering points, which floated into the sky, slowly.

She remembered how sad she had been when Neflite was dead. How many weeks she had mourned for him. Remembered the day she, Usagi and Umino had gone to the cemetery, on which she had met Neflite's murderer again. Thought back to the moment Umino had saved her, and how she had gotten new joy of life again.

Smiling, she thought of her first date with Umino at the Redman Show, his heroic entrance as Tuxedo Umino Kamen. Even if Umino hadn't fought as heroically as the real Tuxedo Kamen, he had done everything to save her life from the monster.

Now Neflite was back again and acted like never before.

She remembered the moment when she was in the park with Neflite, after he had saved her from the monsters. She thought back, how soft he had spoken to her, and how happy they had been.

Now this all was gone and Naru felt as if it were all her fault.

She arrived at a room in which a big stony armchair stood. Naru walked through the hall, looking around. There were columns everywhere. She went to the armchair and touched it, carefully. It looked like a throne. Had Neflite been a kind of king in his evil society?

Naru looked around and sat down in the armchair, slowly. The stone was cold, and Naru started shivering again. She watched the hall. But the dark, cold emptiness was still there.

* * * * * * * *

Neflite sat on his chair at the balcony and watched the wood. It was full of haze, just like then, when he had been there the last time.

He leaned back and looked up to the dark sky. Millions of golden points were there. Golden points, which were called stars.

Neflite remembered a time he had used them for his work in the Dark Kingdom. Remembered a time his heart had opened when he had seen these bright little points in the sky.

Now he felt nothing.

No matter how hard he concentrated.


It was as if his heart was dead.

His heart. He remembered how Zoisite had stolen his Pure Heart Crystal.

Pure Heart Crystal. Neflite hadn't had the chance to ask what meaning this strange crystal had. Now he felt as if he almost knew.

He thought of Naru and sighed. Ashamed, he held his hand in front of his eyes, when he thought back at what he had done to her.

A cold wind blew. Neflite shivered.

"Neflite!" he heard someone whispering.

"Naru?" Neflite asked and looked up. The wood full of haze was still there. He breathed deeply and looked around.

In front of the round table, Jedite stood and watched him, expectantly.

Neflite jerked and started back.

"Don't be afraid!" Jedite said, calming. "Don't be afraid!"

Neflite shivered. "Why are you here? I thought you were dead!"

"I am here to help you," Jedite said. "I now know everything about what Zoisite has done."

Neflite came a bit closer. "Has Zoisite also stolen your Pure Heart Crystal?"

Jedite shook his head. "No, she hasn't."

"Are you dead or alive?" Neflite asked.

"Neflite, I have to talk with you!" Jedite said.

"How is that possible?" Neflite wanted to know.

"Shhh." Jedite said. "Calm down, Neflite! Just calm down."

Neflite tried to calm down, but still looked at his visitor sceptically.

"Has Naru turned the mirror around?" he asked, nervously.

"Yes, she has." Jedite said. "But only for a short time!"

Neflite pushed with his fist on the table. "I should have told her!"

"Neflite! Zoisite and Kunzite have seen her turning the mirror around!" Jedite said.

Neflite looked into Jedite's eyes. "They've seen her?"

Jedite nodded. "And now calm down, Neflite! You have to calm down!"

"Okay!" Neflite said, gasping.

Jedite waited until Neflite had gotten quiet.

"Why are you here?" Neflite asked. His face looked angry.

"I told you before," Jedite said. "I am here to help you!"

"Did Zoisite send you?" Neflite wanted to know.

"No!" Jedite promised. "I am not here to carry out Zoisite's orders."

"Don't tell me lies!" Neflite scolded. "She for sure has sent you to take me down!"

"Neflite, I promise!" Jedite said. "I am only here to help you!"

"Swear it!" Neflite ordered.

"Why this suspicion?" Jedite asked.

Neflite sighed. "I don't know!" he said. "Leave me alone, Jedite!"

"Neflite, you have to talk with Naru!" Jedite said. "She's sad because of you!"

"I can't!" Neflite said.

"Why not?" Jedite asked.

"I can't look her full in the face again!" Neflite said.

"Look at me!" Jedite said. "Is that still you, Neflite?"

Neflite looked up and watched Jedite.

Jedite looked into Neflite's eyes. There was no pupil in them. Only two holes, surrounded by Neflite's blue irises.

"Jedite?" Neflite said. "What's a Pure Heart Crystal?"

* * * * * * * *

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