Music Box
by happyhappysunshine

Chapter 11 - Follow the Moonlight

* * * * * * * *

Just minutes ago she had woken up in the parlour room and thought for a moment that it must have all been a dream. There she was in the same room she had been waiting in everyday, and no one was around. But then, she thought she heard voices through coming through the door outside, and then she knew. At last, she heard it, the voice she had tried so hard to remember. She followed the moonlight outside and then nearly could not control herself when she got her first glimpse of him, standing just down there.

Now, here he was in front of her and Naru felt as though she could not let go. Tears of utter happiness streamed down, wetting her face and soaking his chest. She would look up at him to meet his gentle yet somewhat bemused smile, as if just to be sure it was real, but then continue to cry, not being yet able to speak. It's really him, was all she could think, over and over, it's really him.

* * * * * * * *

Nephrite too seemed to be at a loss for words. Speaking to Jadeite, he had felt nearly the same as he had always been before. And yet at the sight of the girl he felt his frustration dissolve and his heart. This silly girl he barely knew, this ridiculous girl he had died for, still inexplicably had the same effect on him. But why? What could he say to her? How could it be that she would be so happy to see him after all this time?

You shouldn't lead her on, he thought to himself. It is not right. And yet, he could not help but notice how brilliantly her lagoonish eyes shone with the tears. He could not bring himself to pull away from her and continued to stroke her hair as she cried against him, but finally, one of them spoke:

"I'm sorry," said Naru with a shy apologetic smile, stepping back to look up at him. His face betrayed he did not understand why, and so she gestured to the spot where she had buried her face. "Your shirt, I ruined it. I got it all wet. Let me clean it for you!"

Nephrite could not help but laugh. The same sort of laugh the girl had made him laugh before. How could he tell her the truth? This silly girl, so sweet and naïve…

"Please, there is no need," said he between his laughter. Naru's face lit up at the sight of his smile and yet she was confused.

"Why are you laughing?"

Nephrite's countenance softened and he paused. "I'm just glad to see you again, Naru." In that moment they shared an instant where they just gazed at each other, each as if trying to remember all they could. Then shyly, Naru looked away, down at her feet. As if drawn to her, he brought his hand up to tilt her chin to face him again. The action surprised Naru and he felt her face to be warm, turning a light shade of pink.

An obnoxious cough interrupted, breaking the serene silence and causing them both to jump. With all that there was, they had forgotten about Jadeite who had remained just shy of the light and who was now eyeing them with his eyebrows mischievously raised, and arms crossed."I don't believe we're done."

Nephrite backed up and gave him a good natured grin, but the look Naru gave him made him let out a hoot of laughter. If looks could kill…

* * * * * * * *

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