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Twisted Metal: Black

Twisted Metal: Black is one of the goriest, creepiest, and darkest games I have ever played. Actually, I havn't played it, but I know enough about it. Yeah, I buy video game magazines, I have relatives with a PS2. I know enough. But when I read those reviews, they didn't make me realize what TM:B was. It's not just a game, it's an experience. I mean, just reading the instruction manual made me feel...I don't know how to describe it...maybe nervious and scared. It's like a horror book.

What makes this game really creepy is the characters. A serial killer clown, a preacher who kills anyone who doesn't believe in his religion, and a little boy who keeps his father's rotting corpse in a taxi cab, just to name a few. There are some familiar faces (well, the faces aren't memorable, but the cars are) like Sweet Tooth, Axel, Roadkill, Warthog, and Darkside are a few examples. The only character that was missing was Hammerhead. And there's story mode, which brings these characters to life, well, those that weren't already dead. The cinema are well made, great use of CGI technology. And if your not impressed by CGIs, the movies include a great plot. But hide the kiddies eyes for these. Those few movies are a big reason why TM:B got a mature(M) rating. It has cursing, and not those little words. The big ones. And the violence. I sat threw Sweet Tooth's story, and when a killer clown is on the loose, the blood will spill. Not for the weak of stomach.

Of course, what the people want is the action. The controls are the same as in the past TM titles. But what are controls if you don't have weapons. First off, I'm glad to say, is that the standard machine gun is now effective. You can actually deal damage with this thing. Then there are the missiles, bombs, and special weapons. Aww...I love the taste of eye candy. If you've read other reviews, you are sure to hear about Sweet Tooth's special, his transforming-ice-cream-truck-20-hit-missle-barrage (well, that's what I like to call it). And when you see it, you'll understand the fuss about it. And there is Mr. Grimm's special, a giant scythe. This does a lot of damage. It is said to be the most damaging special in the game. But don't think that all the darkness has left the battlefield. Preacher's car, Brimstone, has a special in which he will use a non-believer as his personal kami-kaze. That's right, a person blows up on the car. One thing to add, as you can see below, almost everything in the battlefield is interactive. Including low-flying airplanes.

I don't want you to think that I don't like the game. It's a great game. If you were disappointed by TM3 and 4, don't worry. The same people from TM1 and 2 were brought back to do this one. And, as a lot of people think, TM2 was the best Twisted Metal. If your a fan of the old Twisted Metal, then by all means, buy it. As long as you can take the gore and violence. Just think of it like this. It's called Twisted Metal: BLACK! By the title, you should know what's in store. One last thing, keep the kids away from this one. It has an M rating and it deserves it. All in all, it's a great game with solid control. =^_^=

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