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Game Go!

As the last Sausage of the Month to grace the pages of GameFan, I feel that it is my duity to tell everyone about the magazine Game Go!. "Why this magazine?", you might ask. What you might ask more is "what's Game Go!". I understand your questions. Game Go! is a new magazine from the Editor in Chief of GameFan, Eric C. Mylonas (ECM, first from the left). Eric, along with Matt Van Stone (Kodomo, second from the left) from GameFan and a few others (in order)Shou-Sama, Haohmaru, and Pokey, have created a magazine for video gamers, by video gamers. They find the best games, imported and domestic, and review them. They find the games that are over-looked. Posty (also from Gamefan, last from the left) is back to answer your video game questions and inlighten those with his Post-Fu views. Shidoshi, who ran the AnimeFan section of GameFan, is joining the crew in the next issue. The cover art and editor's characters are drawn by Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante, just as in GameFan.

So far, there is only one issue, where the explain what they want to do with the magazine and who their audience is. For anyone who enjoyed GameFan, this is the magazine for you.

This is but a simple review of a magazine that, I hope, will make it big. If you want to find more information on great video games or you want to find out more about the magazine, go to their website at or buy the magazine. The last thing I have to say is that you have to admire a magazine with two covers, one on the front(top one)(drawn by Spaz) and one on the back (bottom one)(drawn byLong Vo). =^_^=