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Furry Art

Here is my Furry Art (Sonic type art). Enjoy! =^_^=

P.S. These are all my characters. They are me. No stealing!

Comma the Duck

Sarah the Echidna

Alex the Hedgehog

Ashley the Echidna

Double the Hedgehog (Alex's clone)

Venus the Echidna

Turk the Fox

Tremor the Star-nosed Mole

Ashley the Echidna (another one)

Firearm the Coyote

Comma the Duck (another one)

Alex the Hedgehog (another one)

Kayana the Coyote (from a story I'm working one: Angel Island)

Sarah the Echidna (another one)

Lisha the Echidna (from my story, Angel Island)

Allen the Fox

Moonlight the Fox

Motrix the Mouse

Comma the Duck (yep...again!)


*NEW*Jade the Hedgehog

*NEW*Sofia the Fox/Mutant

*NEW*Venus the Echidna (better pic than the Venus one above)