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"Dragonball...Gotta Find Those Dragonballs!"...well, you'd be singing the theme too if you heard it. Very catchy. If you haven't figured it out, this is all about Dragonball, Akira Toriyama's little creation. But why review Dragonball and not the more famous Dragonball Z? I'll get to that.

I'll give you the run-through of the series. It's about Goku, a boy with a monkey tail who was raised by his grandfather in a forrest, mountain type thing. His grandpa was killed and Goku thinks his spirit entered the 4 star Dragonball. He meets Bulma (who at first thinks she can control monsters), who tells him about the power of the Dragonballs. These magical spheres can call upon a dragon who can grant one wish. But the Dragonballs only work once a year. Bulma is on a mission to find all of the Dragonballs, but she needs the one Goku owns. Goku agrees to let Bulma use the Dragonball, but only if he can go along. Bulma agrees, and thus begins the adventures of Goku.

Ole Akira did some great work here. But to all the Dragonball Z fans out there, this isn't the non-stop fighting found in DBZ (wait, DBZ doesn't have that. They spend whole episodes talking about what they'll do in a fight and THEN fight for about 5 minutes). This is a very comical approach to martial arts. Goku's journey is full of little puns and jokes, able to make kids laugh, unlike the ones in DBZ. And don't think all of this fun is just kid oriented. Just see the fight between Krillan and Bacterian. Just the name of the second guy should tell you the crude, disgusting joy that is in store. He sticks his finger down his pants and makes the poor bald kid smell it, for goodness sake. DB is littered with nuggets of joy like these.

There is one thing I have noticed about DB that makes it better than DBZ. The dialogue. When Funimation got their grubby little hands on this one, they brought some of the DBZ voice actors to re-do the voices. This, at first, I didn't understand. It probably helped in the editing, or something like that. And with all due respect, I just don't think the voices in DBZ were that great. Especially in comparison with the earlier episodes of DBZ. One voice that I never did like was Gohan's. And when I heard that that would be the voice for Goku, I nearly went into shock. Then I watched the episodes. The voices were great! Gohan's new voice just fit with the young Goku. And I think it is because of the script. DBZ is covered with long, boring speeches and charging-up yells that sound like they are passing a kidney stone. DB doesn't have that and it's much better for it.

All you have heard from me is about the comedy. Well, it has plenty of fighting for the people. These fights are still different from the ones in DBZ. First off, they're not long-winded and, at times, boring. Another thing is that they usually involve some goofy looking creature that gets beat up (They look so funny when they're hurt). So all those action hungry maniacs out there, your screams are not in vain. Unless they are screams for candy...because I ain't gettin' any.

A question comes into mind when I think of DB. What DB should I go with, the anime or the manga. That's an easy one. The manga. Although I have only seen one graphic novel of DB, I have also seen the episodes of those issues on Cartoon Network. Why is the manga better, you ask. You didn't ask? ...really? Hmm...must have been me. Well, I'll tell you. First off, un-cut. Well, as long as parents don't ruin it for the rest of us and complain. Also, though it is more work, you can read a comic faster than watch an episode. So read the manga.

Comedy, action, and a shape-shifting pig with underwear on his head. What more could you ask for. =^_^=