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Cowboy Bebop

When you hear the title, do you think of that warthog character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wearing a cowboy hat and spurs? Well, if you did, I have two things to say to you. One: seek mental help. Two: that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about that delightfull romp through the under-world life of bounty hunters and space ships. And thanks to Cartoon Network, we can all enjoy this wonderful anime. Join Spike Speigel, Jet Black, Faye Valentine, Ein the doggy, and, I can't pronounce her last name (you try if you think you're so perfect) on their adventures while they collect bounties and get into some hillarious mischief.

This show is one of the only good things on Cartoon Network's new line-up, Adult Swim. Well...besides Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and Aqua Teen Hunger Force (why I like that ball of meat, I'll never know). But this has everything an anime needs. Action, comedy, explosions, and bounty hunters. Why don't you meet the characters that make this so great:

Spike Speigel: Bounty hunter with a history in the mob. He practices martial arts, but is able to wear a suit and tie while fighting (you have to admire that). He is very skilled in bounty hunting, but is often not willing to waste his time with bounties or just plain lazy. His three greatest hates are kids, pets, and women with attitude. He has all three on the Bebop.

Jet Black: Spike's ex-cop partner. He is the owner/pilot/mechanic/banzai garden caretaker of the ship, Bebop. He has the most experience than the others when it comes to catching criminals, being an ex-cop and all. One of his most obvious features is his left arm, which is mechanical. He lost his arm while in the police force. He is pretty much the boss of operations.

Ein: A cute little Welsh Corgi. This particular dog is called a "data dog". It was tested on by an illegal crew of scientist. Ein was made to be smart, knowing how machine and car controls work. But what this dog brings to the crew is amazing cuteness. I love doggies!!!

Faye Valentine: Sexy criminal with a mysterious past. She knows nothing about herself at the beginning of the series, but learns more as the show progresses. She does know that she has oodles and oodles of debts to pay off. She decided the best way to pay them off is to steal the cash. She had a 6 million wu-long (money on Cowboy Bebop) bounty put on her, which lead Spike and Jet to go after her. After they fail, she decides to join them without their consent. She is a skilled fighter, physically and with weapons.

Ed: Wacky Eartling and an expert hacker. She is the oddest of the bunch, which makes her my favorite character. She dreamed of joining the crew of the Bebop ever since she heard of their adventures. She is able to make a deal with Faye to make her dream come true. You never know what will happen with Ed around, or what will come out of her mouth. At no particular time, she could go into a British accent and say "Duty calls! Tea time!" Explain that!

This blend of characters is what makes this anime great. But there has to be something more than characters. Well of course, silly. There's plenty of action. Battles in space and on land. These scenes were produced beautifully, moving smoothly. Even martial arts fighting, which can be hard to do.

But all action and no comedy make Alex...something something (go crazy? Don't mind if I do! HAHAHA!!!) This stuff is laugh-out-loud funny. Some of it, at least. For every comical episode, a serious one usually comes right after it. But when Ed becomes a member of the Bebop, fun is had by all (even the peasants rejoice). Part of the comedy is parody, with characters based on famous people. Like in Session 7: Heavy Metal Queen. The bounty for this episode is a cartoon version of Woody Allen. And if you've seen this episode, look at the name of the restaurant Faye sees the criminal at. Funny stuff.

But that's not all. Tell them what behind Door #3! Well, if you won't, I will. MUSIC!!! A wonderful soundtrack of jazz fits in perfectly with the action. And when something more serious is needed, organ and classical piano type music starts. All this done by Yoko Kanno, the composer for the music of Macross Plus, Brain Powered, and Escaflowne. Very beautiful music, almost surprising, yet fitting, for a title like this.

If these reasons aren't enough to get you to watch, I don't know what I could do. Maybe a song and dance! Ehh, ehh! Okay, so that wasn't a good idea. Ahh, look at the time! I'm missing Big Shots! Let's see whose bounty I'll gather today...