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Angel Island

Angel Island is story I have come up with based upon the world of Sonic the Hedgehog (based on the Archie Comic series). But some of you reading this don't know about the atmosphere. First off, the planet this takes place on is called Mobius. There is an actual island known as Angel Island on the planet Mobius. This island is also known as the Floating Island because of the way it, well, floats. It hovers over the planet, and orbits like a very low moon. But it doesn't float on its own. A large power source known as the Master Emerald gives the island its ability to float.

Angel Island is inhabited by Echidnas. There are other races of Mobians on the island, but the main race is Echidna. The Echidnas have advanced technology, more advanced than others. Their technology is the reason the island now floats. I'll try to go into some history without boring you. "Try" being the main word. In the continent of Downunda (the Australia to our Earth), there was a great danger. A comet was hurdling toward Echidnaopolis, the largest city on the continent. It was the home to the echidnas. Being that the echidnas were a highly advanced race, their scientist were able to find a way to raise Echidnaopolis and the surronding area so nothing would be damaged. They used the power of Chaos Emeralds. With this plan, they were able to survive.

As the years passed, echidnas were becoming home sick and wanted a way to return to Downunda. Two echidnas, Edmund and Dimitri, wanted to harness the energy of the Chaos Emeralds to bring the floating continent back to its original spot. The high echdina counsel decided their plans were too extreme and risky, thus denying their plan. Dimitri didn't take this response very well, and decided to carry out the plan anyway. Well, to make a long story short, the plan didn't worked and Dimitri absorbed the emerald's power and destroyed himself.

This story takes place four generations after Knuckles the Echidna. Everything is peaceful. Or so they thought...

Chapter 1