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The Ultimate Nabiki Tendo Site

Welcome to The Ultimate Nabiki Tendo Site! :)
This site is a fan site I have decided to put together to honor my favorite anime character, Nabiki Tendo from the anime series Ranma 1/2. For those of you who have not seen or heard of the series or manga, it revolves around a character named Ranma Saotome, who has been cursed to turn into a girl every time he is splashed with cold water, and he returns back to a boy when splashed with hot water. His father, Genma Saotome, had arranged for Ranma to be married to one of the daughters of his friend, Soun Tendo. Akane Tendo, the youngest, is the one who was chosen to be his fiance. Nabiki is one of the other two Tendo sisters, and certainly the most entertaining of the bunch. :) She is an opportunist businesswoman. She has been known to sell a pot of hot water (for a nominal fee of 1000 yen) to Ranma when he finds himself being attacked by someone who wants his girl form dead. She has been known to 'rent' Ranma out to others for a few hours. She has, on many occasions, sneaked into Ranma's room at night, splashed him with cold water, taken a few pictures, splashed him with warm water, then sell those pictures to someone in love with his girl form. :)
Oh, and thanks to Otorii_tsubame_chan from Otaking's Anime Planet for the background image! It works much better with this site than the last one did. And BTW, she scanned it in from the manga and colorized it herself. Thanks Otorii! :) (PS: You can see the original black & white scan she did in the Manga gallery, as well as the original colorized pic, before I lightened it, in the Fanart gallery.) And a thank-you also goes to Phoenixfeather for telling me the lightened background pic wasn't light enough! ;)
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This Nabiki Tendo Webring site is owned by Nabiki Tendo.

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Everything About Nabiki
Information about Nabiki Tendo. Any information I can dredge up will be found here.
Nabiki Image Galleries
Pictures of Nabiki.
Anime Music
On this page will be my MP3s, song lyrics, bios on the various singers, and anything else to do with music. Specifically, I will be concentrating on Takayama Minami, along with her JPOP band Two-Mix, as well as the band DoCo, of which she is also a member.
Other Stuff
This page contains other things that don't fit elsewhere on the site, such as fanfics, winamp skins, and the like.
Links to Friends
These are links to various anime pages some of my friends have put up.
Webrings I Belong To
All the anime webrings this site is a member of can be found here.
Anime Links
These are links to various anime sites I've found on the web.
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