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Episode SeX

by: Stephanie Pearson

Notice: I'd rather you not take this fanfic without e-mailing me. If you want the pics, they can be found on other pages in the site. If you'd like to put your fic on my site let me know, or of you'd like to put mine on your site, let me know!

Rating: PG13, or R for those of you that just can’t handle the experience!

This is the un-proofread version of my fic. I also intend to make some small changes in the boring and confusing parts, (it all sounded different in my head than when i typed it al out.) So don't freak out of you get confused, it does all make since... to me~.

Characters: Bulma, Vegeta, Bulma’s mother and father, Krillin, Gohan, Goku, Chi Chi, and baby Trunks.
Setting: Earth, Capsule Corp., Early Summer, 6:57 a.m.


This is my version of what went down when Vegeta and Bulma indulged in they’re short, "passion kind of thing," as Trunks stated. After reading a few other versions I decided I’d give it a shot. Also, I dedicate this fanfic. To my one of my best friends for her birthday. She is a big part in my anime life. So here it goes…

On the Last Episode of DragonBall Z...

Goku, Chi Chi, Gohan, and Krillin slept over at the Capsule Corporation home for a holiday gone by too fast. Goku and his wife stayed in Yamchaw’s room while he was gone for the week with his son and Krillin in the living room on cots. Morning drew ever closer.

Morning Sweetness

There was a distinct rhythm in the air as there is every morning in a happy home. This song came from the Capsule Corporation home. The morning woke to a house full of guests that had slept over that night. Goku and Chi Chi had brought Gohan over for lunch with Bulma when Krillin showed up and they all made plans to stay the night. It felt like a perfect weekend morning with nothing to do but relax.

In the kitchen Bulma’s mother was frying extra bacon for Goku but couldn’t seem to keep up with his excessive engulfing of food. The rest of the house was and had been through with breakfast and were chit-chatting about various subjects. Vegeta stood at the window watching Chi Chi and Gohan stroll toward the house as they came from they’re morning walk. Thoughts of training in the gravity machine drummed in his head.

"Gonna lock your self up in that room again today, Vegeta?" mocked Krillin bravely. Bulma had told the group that all he did was train in the gravity machine and eat.

"What business is it for you to know, or even care, Crone Dome?" he said back and continued to eye the couple approaching from outside.

"You really should take a break ya know, Vegeta, before you hurt yourself, or the gravity machine, rather," added Bulma from her place at the coffee table with the others.

There was a short pause till Chi Chi walked in the door with the glow on her face most every woman knows. The glow that shown through the eyes and cheeks like a cold from a baby. Goku had made sweet love to her the night before and that was all that rased through her mind. She glanced around the room and saw her husband at the table where she and Gohan had left him.

"Goku!" Chi Chi exclaimed, "You were eating when I left!"

"Oh, sorry dear," Goku replied with a mouth full of pancakes as he wiped his face and walked over to give her a kiss on her cheek. He patted Gohan on the head, messing up his hair, and walked over to stand by Vegeta.

"Kakorot," Vegeta began, "You realize your room was right next to mine last night did you not?" he said sarcastically in a very low voice.

"Well, heheheh!" Goku replied with his hand behind his head and cheeks flushed with blood, ""What can I say? We’re still young, and she’s not changed a bit! What’s a guy supposed to do? Hee hee!"

"Your disgraceful!" Vegeta ended and walked toward the gravity machine.

"What was that all about?" asked Bulma.

"Uh… nothing! Nothing, really," insisted Goku, glancing over at Chi Chi.

"Well fine then. Krillin, you and Gohan pick up your sleeping cots and put them back in their capsules! They’ve been out here all morning, and it’s 7:30!"

"Uh… sure Bulma, whatever you say," Krillin and Gohan said together and did as they were told, ending the bright morning atmosphere. The morning song was over, for now.

Flash Back

Bulma walked over to the door that lead strait to the gravity machine Vegeta practically lived in every day since she had invited him into her home. She saw through the small window the short sayin prince, flying about, zapping his own shadows to see just how much his body could take. Despite the fact she knew he’d be just fine being a tough fighter and all, the young woman still had worry locked away for him. Her mind began to wonder, as it had every other day she came to watch him train. She thought of the day he blew up the machine and couldn’t get up without help, collapsing every time he did get up. Another time, this one particular time, she remembered when Vegeta just had too much. He’d remained in the gravity machine for eight days strait only to emerge in the arms of Bulma and her father…

… "Quick, Bulma, come help me with Vegeta!" called her father from within the gravity machine.

"What does he need now da—," she stopped to gasp. He was almost unconscious laying on the battered floor. The door had automatically come open from the explosion that had taken place. The place reeked of sweat and other body odors. Vegeta looked as if he’d gotten tangled in some exposed wires he’d blown out of the machine and hit the panel to set the meter to such a high point times Earth’s natural gravity he’d broken his leg and hit his head in just the right way to knock out the strong sayin.

As he lay on the table wearing only his boxers, Bulma took the damp towel from his forehead. He was asleep now and his leg healed by potion Bulma’s father made. She stared at his face and realized how incredibly handsome he was. She began, (as many girls do when they realize some guy they know is cute), thinking of a possible relationship with him. Only to disregard it when Vegeta rose from the table. He looked at her, remembering what had happened. He felt his leg, seeing it was as good as new.

"I didn’t need your help, ya know?" He said rudely.

"Well that’s not the way I remember it, Vegeta. You were…" she continued to blabber on, and Vegeta left her alone in the room.

As he did his push-ups in the gravity machine, Vegeta too thought of the time he’d blown it up. He’d waken to Bulma sleeping beside him. She had stayed with him as he slept off his injuries in the chair by his bed. Vegeta also thought of the time he’d had to be helped out of the gravity machine…

…Vegeta quickly dashed around and around the gravity machine, bouncing beams of light of the walls and dodging them as they flew in all directions. One ray unexpectedly sliced a chunk of the control panel near the gravity control buttons. He turned to look and the beam hit his arm on the side, pushing him back a little. Angry that something just had to disturb him he flew over to the control panel and circled the contraption. Examining the damage his right foot stopped following his body when it got stuck in the protruding wires. He fell a bit towards the floor and his knee hit the panel and set it to 999 times earth’s natural gravity. The gravity pulled so hard on Vegeta’s body, his dangling leg was popped and broken as he hit the floor. The main computer over loaded and exploded right in the side of his face, sending bits and pieces of metal into his skin. Natural gravity was restored. When Vegeta had hit the floor his head landed in such a way that the blow numbed his feeling to the impact area and slowly he partially passed out on tiled floor.

The explosion brought Bulma and her father to him and they carried him to a cold table in one of their labs. All he could remember from there was being stripped to his boxers and being given a shot of some medicine in his leg and a bean.

Later, he awoke to Bulma’s curious face. He felt his leg, seeing it was as good as new.

"I didn’t need your help, ya know?" He said rudely.

"Well that’s not the way I remember it, Vegeta. You were…" she continued to blabber on, and Vegeta left her alone in the room.

Odd Times

"We’re leaving, bye!" Goku and Gohan shouted from their flying mobile. Chi Chi insisted on using the autopilot to drive them home since neither of the three family members could drive very well, or at all, and they flew off toward the sun. Bulma turned only to yell good-bye and decided to take a long bath to lift things off her mind.

Under the bubbly subs, Bulma closed her eyes and hummed to the music ringing in her head from the small headphones she wore. She was in her own world and didn’t notice Vegeta as he came in to fetch a towel for his neck.

"Ugh, woman! You should have locked the door!" Vegeta exclaimed noticing the nude in the tub. She had no idea she was being watched, much less that the suds were beginning to fade, leaving openings in various places above her body. Vegeta took a glance at her and walked out of the room with a slight blush in his cheeks.

Bulma opened her eyes as the last song ended and noticed she was not only exposing herself to the ceiling but someone had opened and left open the door!

"Eek!" She screamed, dashing for her robe and slammed the door. She took a towel the size of a small African country and wrapped her body from breast to knees and continued on her quest to get clean.

Vegeta had heard her scream and the slamming door, which brought him from the kitchen with a bag of chips to check on the annoying bitch. She came out of the bathroom with a towel on her head and her robe tightly wrapped around her. The two met in the hall, eyeing each other.

"It’s all yours, stinky," Bulma said

"I don’t need to go in there. Besides, it smells like fruit juice and perfume," Vegeta argued back.

"Well you smell like shit from all that sweating you do, now go!" She pushed him in and closed the door on his tail.

"Ah! Damn it, watch it!" Vegeta swung the door back open.

"Sorry, Vegeta! I really didn’t mean to! Besides, that couldn’t have hurt you of all people." She began to examine his tail. He slowly pulled his tail out through her silky fingers’ grip.

"Of course it didn’t hurt…" he began, but stopped. They looked at each other in the eyes and quickly went their own ways.

"I can’t believe I’m feeling these feelings for Vegeta of all people!" Bulma thought to herself. Vegeta too contemplated the weird fuzzy feeling his tail was sending him from where Bulma had held it.

"That woman… there is something about her."

After his long shower the two again met in the hall and walked silently together down the stairs.

"Would you like some lunch, Vegeta?"

"I’m not hungry," Vegeta replied in a low, monotone voice.

"Fine then," she said in the same low voice.

Vegeta sat in a chair by the kitchen door and searched for Kacorot’s name in the phone book for two minutes before realizing his name on Earth was not Kacorot but Goku. He wanted a sparing partner and Goku was the only one strong enough he could reach.

"Who are you looking for?" Bulma asked. "If it’s Goku, he’s number 2 on the speed dial."

"I’m not calling anyone… just looking," Vegeta said, changing his mind. Besides, he was all clean from the shower and didn’t feel like getting sweaty and taking another.

Bulma went to watch TV and Vegeta watched her; he had nothing better to do. Since the house was empty, except for the two, Vegeta was in a good mood. No one was around to bug him… "except for her," he thought to himself. "Look at her. Sitting there on the couch doing nothing. Then again, look at me doing the same. Ah, I’m not in the mood to be in a bad mood."

"What is she watching? I don’t care. I’ll just go have a look," Vegeta confused himself and got up.

"Vegeta, wanna come here and watch this show? It’s really funny," Bulma laughed from behind the couch. Vegeta came and sat by the woman. She smiled at the TV as the actors entertained her. Vegeta looked at her smiling there and then looked to see what was on TV. The both of them cut eyes at each other for the rest of the show.

"Funny, eh?" Bulma commented as the show ended.

"Uh.. yeah, sure," Vegeta replied unknowingly.

"Hmm," Bulma thought of what she needed to take care of. She remembered she wanted to move her dresser over to the other side of her wall. Vegeta was just the person she needed to help her move the big object.

"Vegeta, do you suppose you could help me with something?" she asked.

"Uh…" he stared. The prince was in a slight trance from watching her all afternoon and wasn’t really thinking strait.

"Just follow me," Bulma told him, and led him to her room. "Here," she pointed. "Can you move that there? I know you can." She walked up to him and stood right in his face. "Go on, Vegeta. Being so, strong and all."

"Of course I can… Bulma." It was the first time he’d said her name to her instead of "woman." The neither of them couldn’t believe it.

"What is it about you lately?" Vegeta asked her?

"Hu?" she gasped.

Going Down

They stood close to each other. Lust was building up inside of them.

"I don’t know what it is about you…" Vegeta began, "…but I’ve never felt like this before… about anyone."

"Vegeta," Bulma said softly.

Both of them wanted something, but they weren’t sure what. Their lust for each other was burning in there hearts, (and other body parts). Vegeta’s tail was near Bulma’s hand and her finder tips touched the furry thing with tenderness. Stroking it like a pet. She slid her other hand up his arm. Vegeta put his other arm around the young woman and slowly began to pull her toward her. As she leaned to him their lips met at their tips. Vegeta looked at Bulma’s eyes as she closed them, they pressed their young lips together. Lightly at first, then they pulled their cold bodies together, forcing the kiss into a romantic French kiss. Vegeta’s tongue wrapping around Bulma’s. They turned their head, back and forth, perfecting the moment. Vegeta’s penis was getting hard from all the excitement and he pulled the young woman closer to his body, being careful to keep his power as low as possible. So much was running through their minds, that they forgot everything by which they stood. Vegeta never had gone a second without making sure he was acting his best for his race. He forgot his sayin pride and Bulma forgot her temper toward him and they continued.

Standing there in the room alone and together, violently kissing away. Sucking at each other’s face, they worked their way to the bed side. Vegeta lifted her to his lap and sat on the mattress. She kept her hand on the back of his neck and guided his mouth down her neck. He laid sweet kisses up and down each side of her cold neck. She rolled in her seat, pressing against Vegeta’s stiffened crotch.

"Mmm," he’d moan in pleasure as she did also.

Vegeta already had his shirt off and he decided it was only fair to help Bulma take off hers. But she was already on it. She took her hands off his neck to take her zipper in her fingers. Vegeta stopped her and smirked comically, grabbing each side of the shirt near her shoulders and ripped it off. Before she could complain about her newly ruined shirt he kissed her and she gave in. Rapping her arms around his lower back.

Vegeta grabbed the back claps of herb bra and ripped them apart and pulled the bra away from them. Bulma couldn’t help but like it. She absolutely loved the idea of having a strong man rip her cloths off her. Now if she could just get the rest of his off.

Neither of them knew what they were doing, or what they were asking for by stripping each other. They knew what would happen but at the same time they’d wonder why, in between moans and flying cloths.

To get their pants off they had to change positions to standing up. But they never let go of one of another as they undressed.

Together, their naked bodies pressed against the other. The kissing seam to never stop, unless they were making each other’s necks and chests wet.

Vegeta picked her up and carried her back to the bed and laid her down. Their eye contact was intense. They seamed to of forgotten how to blink. Also, Vegeta had never smiled so much sense he was a boy.

Bulma’s arms held on to his neck as he laid her down and climbed over her, each knee on each side of her. He took his hand and stroked her cheek. He kneeled over her and kissed her flat stomach. She riffled his hair, rubbing the back of his upper neck and head. His kisses worked their way up between her breasts. They both began to sweat and breath hard. Their hearts were beating so fast for each other. Vegeta sucked a bit on her left breast and then gave the other a turn. He was extremely hard by now and was dying to puncture the beautiful earthling’s cunt with his stiffened penis. Without warning he humped the green-haired woman, sliding his long dick into her body. Still, they stared at each other as they made love. Many people wouldn’t have the guts to look even once into their partner’s eyes, much less fuck while the lights were on. And on they were. There was something special about this couple. The trust and lack of self conscienceness is treasured in relationships. Yet, they hadn’t know each other long enough to even make a friendly relationship. Tonight they had simply been led into it. They were attracted to each other and making the best of it.

Bulma is a strong woman, but Vegeta is a very strong man. And there is a complicated pleasure in sex for women. The pain, especially the first time, can be so not worth it. This, plus Vegeta’s awesome strength, is a lot for Bulma to bare. Her screams merle turn Vegeta on more as he slides in and out of her. Bulma knew this was coming and was willing to put up with it. The screams realest the pain so she could enjoy the pleasure of it all. Vegeta was riled up and showed no sign of stopping. They both wanted more and did all they could to make everything as satisfying as possible. Pushing and humping against each other, sneaking sweaty, wet n’ salty kisses in between short humping breaks, and briskly touching each other.

The interaction went on for hours into the night. The course mainly consisting of kisses all over their bodies, hugging, holding, and squeezing, straight forward sex, and Vegeta even managed to eat Bulma out, which was a wonderful experience for her. (She, on the other hand, didn’t return the favor given, if you know what I mean, and disappointed Vegeta a bit.)

They laid in each others arms after in all. Their sweat was drying and their pulses dying, (down). They faced each other and relaxed together. Vegeta opened his eyes and got her attention.

"I’m going to become the strongest man in the universe, Bulma. I will be a super sayin," he said softly, and with confidence.

Bulma kissed his forehead and smiled at him. "You do that, Vegeta. You do that." And she buried her head into his chest and curled up in his body, their leg intertwined. He held her tight, with one arm under her neck and around her head wear he held her with one hand. The other rubbed her arm back and forth. He’d never felt like this before and was enjoying it so.

The next morning, Bulma walked out of the room with the glow on her face most every woman knows. The glow that shown through the eyes and cheeks like a cold from a baby. Vegeta had made sweet love to her the night before and that was all that rased through her mind.

A Present for Bulma

Bulma walked in the door. She was back from her trip to the doctor. She had been feeling not herself lately. Craving odd foods and throwing up occasionally. Her mother had sent her to the doctor and waited patiently in the living room.

"Oh Bulma, your back! How’d it go, dear?" Her mother asked as soon a she heard the door open and rushed to her. She looked at her face and into her glowing eyes. Bulma had the oddest grin on and her eyes lit up the room. She was pale and quiet. She slowly turned her head to look at her mother.

"Oh Bulma, no!" Bulma’s mother knew that look very well and couldn’t believe it.

"Yes mother, I’m going to have a baby," Bulma said softly.

"This is wonderful! I’ll go get your father! Honey, Bulma’s pregnant!" she yelled to her husband upstairs.

"What!" he exclaimed from above.


Bulma’s dad came flying down the stairs.

"Are you really?" he asked.

"Yes dad, I’m going to have a baby," Bulma replied.

Her father fainted and collapsed to the floor.

"Well who’s the father, dear?" her mother asked cheerfully.

Bulma jumped at the question. "Uh…" she began.

"Oh, I know! Yamchaw, it’s Yamchaw isn’t it? Oh I’m so happy for you dear! I’ll go call him right now to come over," her mother exclaimed.

Bulma’s mouth was quivering. She came to her senses and yelled violently at her mother, "No, mom! What are you thinking! Like I would ever sleep with him! Yamchaw is the last person I would want to sleep with!"

Just then, Vegeta walked in the door.

Well, then who is the father of your baby then, Bulma?" she asked again cheerfully.

Vegeta’s eyes grew to the size of his head when he heard this and slowly turned to Bulma waiting for an answer, hoping it was not his baby. The last thing he wanted right now was a baby with everything that was going on. Vegeta was trembling and had sweat drops all over him.

"Uh… heheheh," Bulma began again, with her hand on the back of her head, "It’s uh, Vegeta’s, mom."

Vegeta and Bulma’s mother dropped to the floor with their legs bent up in the air. They both laughed hysterically in disbelief and Vegeta’s face glowed so red you couldn’t look at him.

Vegeta hopped up and grabbed Bulma’s arms to look at her. His face was as serious as it ever was and he asked, "Your pregnant?"

"Yes!" Bulma yelled at him. She was frustrated with everyone’s reaction.

"You’ve got to be kidding me! I can’t have a kid! This is outrageous! How’d this happen?" "Duh, Vegeta! Think!"

Vegeta was breathing hard and began to squeeze Bulma’s arms even harder, but stopped. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him. All he wanted to do was pretend it never happened. He let her go and walked away. Just before he left the room he asked if was a boy or a girl.

"It’s a boy," Bulma answered.

Vegeta nodded and left. As he walked out the back door towards the gravity machine he smiled.

"It’s a boy," he thought, "he’s gonna be a boy." And he climbed in the machine and began his routine training, although it was off because his mind was full of the thought he was actually a father. And he didn’t love anyone fore it.

Back in the house, Bulma’s parents were together on the couch, holding each other’s hands, looking at Bulma in the chair in front of them.

"So it’s gonna be a boy, you say?" said Bulma’s father, "My, my! I was kind of hoping you would turn out to be a boy. Oh well!"

Bulma slapped her face and sighed.

For the rest of the night, possible names for Bulma’s baby rang through the house. Everyone but Vegeta was ecstatic of the new expected baby. Vegeta excluded himself from the family. He wasn’t sure what to think of his new son. But even he contemplated names for his son; "Vegeta Jr.? No… Vegeta II? Hmm…;" but couldn’t make up his mind.

Baby Love

Bulma was in a deep sleep after her baby’s birth. She was worn out and had fallen asleep while holding the beautiful baby boy in her arms. Outside, in the warm summer air, Vegeta flew towards the hospital. He flew up to the window where Bulma and the baby slept. Thoughts of his own father ran through his mind, and now he was one as well. He opened the window and floated inside to the foot of the bed. He stared at the two as they slept. He went to the side of the bed to get a better look at his son. Vegeta wasn’t sure what to think. He didn’t want to be a father. And he wasn’t about to raise some half earthling he didn’t mean to create.

The baby moved a bit, scaring Vegeta. He picked up the little one from Bulma’s hug. The baby woke and looked at him with curious eyes. He made cooing noises, trying to talk the man holding him. Vegeta carried him to the window and he gazed at the stars. They twinkled in the baby’s eyes and comforted Vegeta.

"Trunks," Bulma sighed from her dreams, "his name… will be Trunks."

Vegeta pondered on the interesting name, and put a small grin on his face. He stood by the window for a while. Bulma woke and saw him there with her baby. She was so happy to see him there holding his son. She knew Vegeta would neglect him being who he was. To see them together now was wonderful.

"Maybe one day you’ll be as strong as me, Trunks. Maybe one day… maybe one day I’ll love you for it. Just as my father loved me," Vegeta told his son.

He smiled a bit and placed him in the crib by his mother. He noticed she was awake now.

"I’m leaving," was all he said to her. He left the room through the window and flew off, out of site. Bulma sighed for him.

"Oh Vegeta, you were wonderful."

Déjá Vu

There was new song at the Capsule Corporation. The family was gathering around in the living room, tending to the baby. All eyes on him. Trunks had joined Bulma family and it was an exciting time.

Vegeta stood at the window, watching the happy family gather around his son. Bulma, with her new haircut, looked up and saw him there. He turned and left the window when she saw him.

"Oh, Vegeta," Bulma whispered to herself. She got

up and left her parents with baby Trunks. Vegeta was at the end of side walk by the time she called to him, "Vegeta!"

Vegeta turned and looked at her.

"Where are you going to go?" she asked with damp eyes.

He turned his head a to look back at the house, "To become the most powerful sayin in the universe." Bulma smiled.

"But, where are you going to go? What about Trunks?"

"I have no time for a child, woman!" Vegeta argued, looking back at her.

"Vegeta, please," Bulma begged, putting hands on his arms.

Vegeta looked at her, one last time, with sweet, calm eyes. Then, he lowered his eyebrows strongly as they always are.

"Good-bye, Bulma," were his last words before he flew off and away.

Bulma sighed, and relaxed her mind. "Forget him, Bulma," she told herself, and went back to the house to tend to her baby. Just then, she thought of something, "He never did help me with my dresser! And what about my ripped cloths? Vegeta, you bastard!"


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