Unbreakable Ties (Part 5)

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Note: Big thanks to everyone for your support and reviews. I am very grateful to all of you. I am also very sorry (with feet in my mouth) *VERY* sorry for the very long delay. Believe me I've been real busy. So here's the next part ..Hope you enjoy.
Lulu (who's very ashamed of herself)

Unbreakable Ties (part 5)

Max regained consciousness slowly. The first thing his awakening mind comprehended was the extreme heat surrounding him. The next thing was the throbbing pain in the back of his head. He blinked his eyes and moaned slightly at the pain his movement caused. When his eyes were fully open, Max could see and feel the spreading fire ahead of him. 'The house was on fire!' Suddenly panic grabbed his heart as he remembered everything up to the point where he lost consciousness.

"Maatt!" he screamed with panic.

But the only sound he received was the sound of the roaring fire soon followed by his dog's barking.

"Billy," Max stated, as he, not too gently, started to rise. He swayed dangerously when he finally was on his feet. Billy ran to him and stood as of waiting for his instructions. Max didn't waste any time as he quickly charged towards the burning house ignoring the hungry flames. Billy started to bark and turn around himself excitedly.

Ignoring the stinging flames that abused his face and body, Max continued to make his way inside the house and through the fire. It was almost impossible to see anything, but somehow Max was able to make out a figure stretched on the ground. Max knelt and gathered the small body into his arms. Breathing became more and more difficult but Max was stubbornly determined to get both Matt and himself outside and away from the fire. He covered Matt's body with his as best as he could and continued to charge at his way back blindly through the flames.

Max managed to get himself and Matt out of the house. The cleaner air somehow gave Max extra energy, for he started to run quickly away from the fire. Billy followed on cue.

When the three were a safe distance away from the fire, Max stopped and carefully lowered his brother to the ground. He coughed hard as he knelt beside Matt. 'Thank God, the kid was breathing!'

Suddenly the sound of approaching sirens filled the air. Max was alarmed but did not have the energy nor the will to move, so he remained kneeling beside his unconscious brother.

The sound of steps got closer and soon the voice came.

"Max Carter, you're under arrest for the murder of your father and his partner."

Max slowly raised his head and stared, with exhausted eyes, at the cop who stood over him with a gun pointed to his head.

"My brother needs an ambulance," was Max's cold and only reply.


The phone started to ring, breaking the unpleasant silence. All eyes went to the ringing device dreading what news it carried. When no one made a move to pick it up, Kari decided to do that herself.

"Hello? Yes, he's...," and Kari glanced at T.K.'s broken state,"He's busy at the moment. May I ask who's calling?"

Kari's eyes went wide all of a sudden, causing everyone's heart to jump.

"Arr..Are you sure?" Kari asked weakly. She nodded and with "Thank you, I'll tell him" she hung up. By that time everyone was on the edge. T.K. took few steps closer to her. Kari raised her now tearful eyes to meet his.

"They found Matt."


In jail, Max kept pacing his cell nervously, not minding the pain that movement caused his burned body. Steps followed by the now familiar voice broke the silence.

"You ready for confession yet Max?" the lieutenant asked.

"Any words on my brother?" was Max's reply.

The man shook his head. "You're not doing yourself any good by not talking, you know."

Max glared at him coldly.

The lieutenant sighed and shrugged his shoulders. "You ready for your phone call?"

Max turned his back on him and started pacing his cell again.


"You disappoint me Dan," said Jimmy slowly.

"I'll fix it Jimmy. Don't worry. Half is already done. Max's in jail, and I'll make sure he stays there till he dies. As for the boy, it was an honest mistake. He'll be dead before morning, I assure you," Dan offered nervously.

"You screwed up Dan. I honestly don't understant why Mr.Forest still keeps you around. You are soo stupid and foolish, I just don't get it," Jimmy shook his head.

"I'll fi.. "

"You'll fix nothing," Jimmy cut him off sharply. "From now on this case is mine. You're finished."

Dan stared at him lividly but knew he could do nothing with Jimmy's goons all around them.

"Whatever you say, Jimmy." With that, Dan turned around and left; his fists clutched.

"Complete idiot," Jimmy murmured as he watched Dan leave.

He picked his gun and checked it. "The boy dies tomorrow," Jimmy told his men. "Now with me, there are no chances for mistakes."


At the hospital, Dalia (I have no idea what her real name is) touched T.K.'s shoulder gently.

"You sure you don't wanna come with me?"

T.K. nodded. "Yeah mom. I'll be fine. I just wanna stay for a while longer."

She nodded, and left the room. Soon after she left, the door opened and Tai stepped in. He walked to where T.K. sat holding Matt's limp hand in his. Both boys stared at their "best friend" affectionately as he breathed, content at the sight. Matt seemed to be sleeping peacefully, that is of course if one was to ignore the sound of his irregular breathing caused by the fire. T.K. decided to speak first.

"Visiting hours will be over soon Tai. You heard what the doc said; Matt might not come around until morning, so you can leave and get some sleep. I just wanna stay for few minutes longer."

"I don't believe you," Tai said matter of factly.

T.K. turned and their eyes met. T.K. then smiled and Tai smiled back. Both knew that the other was going to stay until Matt wakes up and make sure he was really allright.

"I can't believe he's really here," T.K. whispered, gently brushing away some of Matt's rebelious bangs.

"I know what you mean," Tai whispered back.

"Tai, I have a feeling this is not over."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't really know," T.K. sighed. "That's why I want to stay and make sure Matt is really okay. I sure don't want that Max person anyway near my brother again," T.K. added angrily.

"He's in jail T.K."

"I know. I just can't seem to shake that feeling off."

"Well, we'll stay right here till we make sure Matt is okay."

T.K. smiled. "What if they kick us out?"

"Well, we'll think of something."


His mind did not stop thinking as he paced for the hundredth time. Max suddenly stopped.

"I'm ready to make my phone call," declared Max.

The guard nodded and lef to let the lieutenant know, as he was instructed.


Next day:


T.K. blinked lazily at the soft sound. He opened his eyes and found himself staring right into the deep blue eyes of his brother.

"Matt!!" T.K. impulsively threw his arms around his brother's neck and hugged him tight.

Matt swallowed his hiss of pain as he weakly hugged his little brother back. Matt felt T.K. shake against him.

"T.K. it's okay. Everything's allright," Matt soothed.

T.K. quietened and slowly broke off the hug.

"You scared me," T.K seriously accused as he brushed his tears away.

"Matt!!" Matt felt himself surrounded by arms again. This time it was Tai.

"Hi Tai," Matt hugged his friend back.

Tai pulled back carefully. He smiled widely at his friend. "Welcome back!"

Matt smiled tiredly but his smile soon vanished when memories came crushing into his mind. His eyes widened with panic.

"My God, what happened?" Matt demanded.

T.K. and Tai exchanged worried looks as Matt's question hanged in the air.