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Author note:

            Hi, Well, only three kind people reviewed chapter 6 and I thank them very much. Another thing, if  you would like             to receive an email everytime I update this story, email me.  That's all. On to part 7 (Short, I know).





Unbreakable Ties 7



Shock spilled over Matt and Mimi as they did nothing but stare at the lifeless body of the man sprawled at their feet.


"Are you okay?" spoke the voice whose owner's bullet had rendered the man dead.


He approached them slowly but stopped dead on his track when Matt raised the gun at him.


"Don't come any closer," Matt warned as he stood in front of Mimi, shielding her body with his as best as he could.


Now that he was over the initial shock, Matt could tell that the man in front of him had only saved both his and Mimi's life.  But right now Matt was in no condition to afford taking any chances, nevetheless, his hold on the gun relaxed a bit.  'Save his life! that sounded like Max' but although the man's lower face was covered with a bandana, Matt could clearly tell that he was no Max.  The man was tall allright and mascular, but his eyes, voice and over all look was different.


"I mean you no harm," the man said evenly.


Matt could feel Mimi clutching his arm so tightly, it almost hurt. A sense of protectiveness washed over him as he faced the man again.


"You killed him," Matt stated matter of factly.


The man nodded.  "True, and any other action would've meant a bullet through you or your little friend there."


Matt didn't know how to react.


"It was mighty stupid of you to come out here anyway. Far and with no real protection, why, you'd make the perfect target," the man chided sternly.


"Is Max okay?" The man sounded very much like Max that Matt asked the question without thinking.


The man paused and Matt imagined a smile play on the man's eyes.


"Well, is he?" This time Matt asked with more confidence.


"Yes, he is."


Matt blinked, the straight reply surprised him. "Was he really shot?"


"It would get more than a bullet to stop Max."


Matt didn't help but smile. "The police is looking for him."


"Let us worry about that. Now, staying here makes you an easy target, especially after they found out where you're at, so I suggest you move back home, and fast." The man paused a little before he continues, "You have to be careful; We can't always protect you."


"Then why do you?"


"Because Max wants us to."


Matt didn't say anything.  Many questions raced in his mind but he didn't let them out.  He knew the man would not give him the answers he wanted.


"I could take the body with me, but maybe it would give the police some idea of how dangerous this game really is and get them to finally do something useful. Now you be careful."  With that the man turned and walked away.


Matt realised something just then. "What happened to the fire?"


The fire didn't exist anymore.


"We took care of that," the man turned to them and answered, this time Matt could clearly tell that he was smiling.





Matt turned to Mimi. He almost forgot about her. 


"It's allright Mimi."


She threw herself into his arms and cried.  Matt could feel her shake against him.


"I was soo scared..I was terrified Matt.  I thought that we..."


"It's allright Mimi.  We're both safe now. Shushsh now. It's okay." Matt patted her hair soothingly. "Let's go inside now."


"What about that?" Mimi sniffed and pointed to the dead body without turning.


"We call the police, Mimi. Just as the man suggested."


They stepped out of the stable hand-in-hand, stopped a moment to watch the strange man get on his horse and ride away into the distance, then walked together to the house.




Jimmy knocked twice and entered.


"How are you Mr.Fores?"


"Did you get the boy?" Mr.Forest demanded.


"Not yet sir, I'm sure it's Max and his gang, the last man I sent hadn't.."


"There's a slight change in plan," Mr.Forest cut him off, "I want the boy, alive."


"Yes sir." Jimmy didn't dare to ask why but he didn't need to.


"That stupid Irish, he mailed a copy of the project to Ishida before he got into that plane.  I've sent some men to look for it in his house but they found nothing, now I'm sure his boy knows where it is."


Jimmy nodded.


"I don't care where he is. I don't care who's protecting him; I want the boy, alive."


"Yes Mr.Forest."




By the time the police arrived, everyone was back at the farm. 


The police was examining the body when Detective Derek Watson turned to Matt.


"You're sure you've told me everything?"


"Yes, I am." Matt sighed. 


"Well, Matt, it seems that you're in a very big danger here."


"Really?" Matt smiled sarcastically.


Derek ignored his attitude once again.  "You'll be under our protection.  Actually you'll be spending the next few days, or weeks who knows, in a safe house with me and my partner.


"Now wait a minute," Matt protested.


"I'm coming with him," TK announced.


"No you're not," Derek told him. 




"I said, no," Derek said sternly. "This is not a game and you'll do as we say." He then turned to Matt.  "That goes to you too.  You'll come with us, end of discussion."


A blond man walked to them just then.


"Well now, that's my partner, James Stnley," Derek introduced.


James greeted everyone then smiled into Matt's grim face.




End of Chapter 7